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Tamiya T34/76 Russian Tank

The T-34 was powered by an excellent engine, armed with the powerful gun and protected with stamped thick armor plates welded onto the body in a rather unsightly manner. Thus the T-34, unlike West European tanks, did not have a polished shape at all. It, however, was superior in fighting power to any tank then manufactured by any other nation of the world. The T-34 was a real fighting vehicle and great tank. The T-34 was the mainstay of Soviet armored forces throughout World War II.

The design and construction of the tank were continuously refined during the war to enhance effectiveness and decrease costs, allowing steadily greater numbers of T-34s to be fielded despite heavy losses. It was the most-produced tank of the war, and the second most-produced tank of all time, after its successor, the T-54/55 series. By the war’s end in 1945, the T-34 had replaced many light and heavy tanks in service.

Kit Features

  • Scale : 1/35
  • Construction type : Assembly kit
  • Photo-etch parts : Not included
  • Decals : Included with 4 black or white Russian slogans
  • Driver and commanders hatches can be depicted in either open or closed position.
  • Comes with belt-type tracks.
  • 1 driver torso figure and 1 full  commander figure included.


The Kit:

I know, this is not the latest release from Dragon, Bronco, Hobby Boss ect with the latest slide molding and photo etched parts. This kit is as old as disco music bearing the golden seal from as ’70s Tamiya Masterpiece Models on the box cover. As many models from this era, you can still see the slots where batteries used to go. As a result, there are some openings on the lower hull to be sealed with stock styrene.

For its age, this T34/76 from Tamiya has no flash and little molding lines along the large and smaller parts. Assembly starts as usual with the lower hull and bogie wheels. During the second half of 1942, the Russians began to use cast steel bogie wheels because rubber was getting scarce. The kit comes with those bogies as an option should you decide to depict your model with these bogies.

Mating the upper hull with the lower is effortless and cementing them is up to the modeler. Included are the regular fuel tanks or optional angular tanks. 2 types of hand rails are included should you wish to depict your model from defensive to pursuit action.

The wooden logs are provided in styrene but I decided to use twigs from my backyard. Ice ”cleats”,  stowage boxes,a pick and  a shovel are also provided. The figures for the age are not that bad either. The other two figures shown on top of the tank are from the Dragon kit 6197 Soviet Infantry Tank Riders.

The lower hull was painted using Acryl Model Master Russian Armor Green 4807.  Paint chip effects from AK Interactive was used under a coat of Tamiya XF-2 Flat white. A Dark Brown Wash from Mig Productions was given and rust streaks and fuel stains from AK Interactive was used.

As with ANY kit from ANY brand, this one came with defective tracks. You can tell from the pictures. Looking forward to get replacements from Tamiya within the next week or 2.

This kit has the necessary parts to depict the Kirov plant production model or the Production Model from the second half of 1942. With some work here and there it can be improved substantially. A great kit to break into the armor modeling stream without breaking your pocket. Highly Recommended!

Model courteusly provided by my wallet.

George Collazo
George Collazo

George has been hosting review sites and blogging about toy collectibles, travel, digital photography and Nikon digital imaging since 1998. His first model kit build was a Testors 1/35 DODGE WC-54 in 1984.