Cyber Hobby JSU 152 Soviet Tank 3 in 1

In the latter half of WWII, in order to counter German tanks, the Russian army used the JS-2 heavy tank’s chassis to create the JSU-152 heavy self-propelled gun. It featured improved armor Read More »

1/24 Dirty Donny Vantasy Chevy Van

Here is the 1/24 Chevy Van from AMT thru Round 2 Models. They have joined forces with Canadian artist ”Dirty Donny” Gillies and result is a ”Vantastic” set of murals provided in Read More »

1/35 Tamiya Rover 7 Ambulance

Tamiya British Ambulance Rover 7

The Land Rover has served the British Army and other British Services for a quarter of a century in various forms, also equipping the armies of many countries who traditionally take their Read More »

Nazi UFO ''Foo Fighter'' Model

Nazi UFO ”Foo Fighter” model

In WWII the so-called “foo fighters,” a variety of unusual and anomalous aerial phenomena, were witnessed by both Axis and Allied personnel. While some foo fighter reports were dismissed as the misperceptions Read More »

Moebius Colonial Viper MK-II

1/32 Moebius Colonial Viper MK-II

Capable of atmospheric flight, the Viper Mark II is a single-seat craft possessing two kinetic energy weapons (KEWs). Hard-points beneath the wings allow missiles, munitions pods and other ordnance to be mounted. Read More »

Model and Pictures : George Collazo

Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima Ki-II 43 OSCAR

To spice up my collection of 1/48 WWII Japanese aircraft, I decided to add the Nakajima / Hayabusa Ki-II 43 from Hasegawa Models. Went to my local hobby shop for some supplies Read More »

Yom Kippur Colors from Ammo Mig

We’ve recently received a modest bundle of samples of AMMO from Mig Jimenez weathering products. Along came a set of Yom Kippur War Colors set A.MIG 7113. This set will be used on the pictures Tamiya T-62A which inside the box has a beautiful Verlinden resin turret set and a photo etched fret with etched sponsons and enough metal [...] Continue Reading…

Revell 1/48 F-105D Thunder Stick II

When the F-105 Thunderchief entered service in 1958, it was the heaviest single-engine combat aircraft. Today, the F-105 remains history’s heftiest fighter, weighing close to 50,000 pounds (23,000 kg). It also packed a heavy punch-up to 14,000 lb of ordnance. Despite its weight, the F-105 could still achieve Mach 2 speeds. The Thunderstick II variant was equipped with and [...] Continue Reading…

1/72 Airfix English Electric Lightning F.2A

The earliest Lightning mark F1 entered RAF squadron service in 1960 and represented a quantum leap in capability and performance over its predecessors offering an integrated weapons system, Mach 2+ performance and a phenomenal rate of climb. The F2 introduced in 1962 was heavily modified in 1968 producing the F2A with square cut fin, kinked leading edges and enlarged ventral [...] Continue Reading…

Airfix 1/32 Ford Fiesta WRC

Developed from the standard Fiesta road car, the Ford Fiesta RS WRC is a bespoke rally car built by M-Sport for the works Ford Rally Team for use in the World Rally Championship. The new WRC regulations for 2011 required a turbocharged 1600cc, a reliable and powerful engine, keeping the flame-spitting character of the WRC cars intact.

A number of [...] Continue Reading…

Hasegawa F-16F (Block 60) Fighting Falcon

The F-16F is the latest version of the F-16. They do not exist in the USAF inventory and are currently an export variant only. Originally, the single-seat version of the General Dynamics F-16XL was to have been designated F-16E, with the twin-seat variant designated F-16F. This was sidelined by the Air Force’s selection of the competing F-15E Strike Eagle [...] Continue Reading…

Revell 1/32 M47 Patton II Tank

M47s were rushed into production in order to participate in the Korean War. Detroit Arsenal combined a turret from the upcoming T-42 with the existing chassis of the M46 to produce the M47. In many ways the M47 was a modern tank, with a stabilized gun that increased accuracy and firing rate and an updated suspension; however, it also [...] Continue Reading…

More exciting model kits from Hasegawa

This just in from Hasegawa USA. 3 Limited Edition exciting model kits. So pre-order yours before they are history.




1/72 Scale F-15SG Strike Eagle
“Singapore Air Force”The F-15 Strike Eagle has one of the most storied histories of any
currently operational American fighter aircraft. These fighters served
with distinction in the Middle East, and its broad range of mission
profiles encouraged Singapore to import [...] Continue Reading…

Airfix kits now at Barnes and Noble

If you haven’t noticed or just didn’t know, Barnes and Noble books stores is now stocking Airfix Model kits. The selection is not big but quite interesting and perfect last minute gift. I snapped this picture at our local Barnes and Noble. As you can see on the picture below, all kits are the ”Starter Set” version which include [...] Continue Reading…

Vulcan Models Ordnance QF 2 Pounder Mark IX Carriage Mark II

Vulcan Models’ 1/35th Scale Ordnance QF 2 Pounder Mark IX Carriage Mark II
Kit Number 56001
Scale   1-35
MSRP $29.99 (USD)

The Kit

I ordered three of these kits directly from Asia and they arrived quickly. The box art (by an artist named Fleischer) is well done and on either side a suggested finishing scheme was illustrated using colored CAD drawings. The instructions [...] Continue Reading…

Meng Plastic Barrier Set (New!)

Traffic barriers, which are usually used to keep vehicles within their roadway or protect temporary work areas, have become a simple, cheap and fast deployable solution for the defense against terrorist attacks such as suicide attacks and car bombs. Both concrete barriers and plastic water-filled barriers have been the symbols of heavily defended urban zones in modern local wars [...] Continue Reading…

Panzerjäger II für 7,5 cm Pak 40/2 Nuts and Bolts Volume 31

Authors – J Baschin & M Block
Editor – Heiner F. Duske
Artwork – Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo
Drawings – John L. Rue

This is a hefty book at 176 pages not including the heavier covers which also are used. A total of three hundred sixty five images are found of which one hundred ninety are archival. One hundred fifty five photographs of [...] Continue Reading…

1/48 Japanese A6M5 Zero from Revell

Revell 85-5267

When the Zero was designed, pilot survivability was not forefront in the minds of its creators. Speed, armament, maneuverability-all of these characteristics were at the absolute peak of their development, but the Zero’s lack of armor made it extremely vulnerable to return fire. As losses mounted, Japan simply ran out of trained pilots leaving the aeronautic engineering marvels that [...] Continue Reading…