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Round 2 Models MPC 22” Space 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter (Preview)

The Eagle Transporter is the iconic capital spacecraft featured in the Gerry Anderson show Space:1999.
The previous release of the 12” version of the ship has always been well-received by fans and modelers everywhere. MPC now releases an ALL-NEW large format kit of the ship. It has been exhaustively researched for accuracy and features spring-loaded landing foot pads, pilot figures and all decals needed to fully decorate the ship.

On the TV Show:

The Eagle Transporter System or ETS was designed to be the primary vehicle used in the construction of Moonbase Alpha. Designed with mission specific payload modules, the Eagle is capable of transporting all the material needed for construction from various locations on Earth, all the way to the Lunar construction site on the Moon.

  • 1/2 studio scale based on 44” season 1 filming miniature
  • Nearly 22” long (558.8mm)
  • Molded in white and clear
  • Spring action landing foot pads
  • Over 300 parts
  • Includes 2 pilot figures
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • MSRP: $129.99 US
  • Street Price: $114.95 or less.

About a week ago we did receive in our studio a production sample of the newest MPC 22” Eagle Transporter from the hit show Space: 1999. This is a 1/48th scale kit, half the scale of the 1/24 (44”) Eagle Transporter used on the close up scenes. Various scales were used during production including 1/96 and 1/192 scale respectively for distant shots.

The kit has over 300 parts molded in white and clear. A separate set of turned aluminum engines should be hitting retail at the time of this entry. The engine bells are molded in one piece liberating the builder of dealing with seam lines. There is a very thin molding line along the cages and tubing which is normal. Very little to no flash was found and where it was present it was on the injection runners rather than the parts themselves.

All parts are nicely molded and one can tell that the research to bring this model kit to mass production was extensively done paying plenty of attention to detail. As I always say, this is a model of a model built originally with random model kit parts. Meaning that model builders and fans of the show will be paying great attention and they will put this kit under great scrutiny. So far, the model has a few minor shortcomings that can be easily addressed.

This model is almost 90% completed in our modeling shop. Once finished we will add a new entry with the pictures and final thoughts on this build. For the moment enjoy the pictures below.

Let me assure you that there is a lot of positive talk about the new 1999 Eagle Transporter and if you have been following the action from the bleachers, everything positive you’ve heard about this model kit is true.
Stay tuned!

My sincere thanks Jamie Hood at Round 2 Models for kindly submitting this sample for review.

George Collazo
George Collazo

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