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Revell Snap Tite Shuttle Tydirium

A heavily armoured transport and passenger shuttle of the Lambda class with three wings and seating for up to 20 soldiers. Shuttles of the Lambda class, due to their fire-power and hyperdrive, are preferred by the imperial officers, including the Emperor himself. The troops of Han Solo have used this ship, the Tydirium, in order to sneak past the imperial forces encircling the forest moon Endor. Shuttles of the Lambda class are designed to carry up to twenty passengers or eighty tonnes of freight.

Unlike similar imperial transports the Lambda shuttles are equipped with a hyperdrive that enable them to carry passengers and freight between different stellar systems and fleets. By way of protection the shuttle has two forward-firing double-barrelled laser cannon, two forward-firing double-barrelled blaster cannon and one tail-mounted double-barrelled blaster cannon.

Model Features:
– quickly assembled – no glueing required
– no painting required – multicolour printed
– with illustrated assembly instructions
– movable wings and laser canons
– movable cockpit cover
– can be assembled with or without undercarriage
– including 2 figures

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The Kit: As you might know, this is a Easy-Snap kit from Revell. I am not a fan of Easy Snap Kits but a BIG Star Wars fan and I guess that after the Millenium Falcon, this is my second favorite ship from the original Star Wars Saga followed by the Imperial AT-AT. Back in the day, I was an avid collector Galoob’s Star Wars Action Fleet.  (Clear throat), Until Galoob was acquired  by Hasbro and the entire Star Wars line from Action Fleet went downhill. Remember the Action Fleet Remote Control AT-AT exclusive to KB Toys? 🙁

This model kit is slightly larger than the Action Fleet counterpart not too mention, more detailed for a Easy Snap kit. It comes 100% painted and as the instructions say, no glue is required. I do use glue in some areas of Easy Snap kits where gaps are stubborn but that’s *me*.

If you’re the kind of model builder that always want to have it your way. This kits lends itself to some improvement and with the right knowledge, you can light it up too. As for parent looking for a gift for the little Star Wars fan. This kit is very well made and when finished, it can withstand moderate handling, so there is some play value in it as well.

The figures also are painted and the canopy can be opened  to reveal the cockpit. The figures provided with the kit are approximately 1/72 scale. Along I’m providing a picture of my son holding the kit after it was finished for size reference.

Editors Note
This page was drafted a few months ago. During that time, Revell phased out this kit in favor of other kits including Luke’s Landspeeder and other Clone Wars model kits. A buzz kill indeed and in my opinion, a very short shelf  life span. Lets hope the next production batch of the Shuttle Tydirium returns in a timely fashion.

Jeannette Valle
Jeannette Valle

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