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Haunebu and Adamski 2 in 1 Review

Last month we announced the upcoming release of the 1/72 German Haunebu flying saucer. A couple of weeks later we’ve got from Hand & Head an early production sample which to my eye looks like everybody else will get. This kit is not yet available and most hobby outlets in the pacific hub are taking pre-orders with a tentative release date on December, 2014 to early 2015. Luckily the folks over at H & H were kind enough to send us a George Adamski Flying saucer kit. Both kits submitted are first editions and do come in a high quality box cover depicting the German Haunebu and the Adamski type saucer.

As a first edition bonus you will get a fictional badge sticker (see picture below). With the Adamski type you will receive a very nice and high quality poster depicting the same box art illustrated by Kow Yokoyama.

To be honest and and a very personal opinion. I would have preferred the badge sticker or some other goodie with the Adamski type saucer, and the poster with the German Haunebu. For the moment I’m taking good care of the Haunebu box because the art work is too nice and I want to frame it.

As for the kits, here we go:
Both the Haunebu and the Adamski type model kits share for the most part the same moldings with the exceptions of a few sprues which can be seen on a separate batch of pictures below. There was one thing that caught my eye immediately. If both kits share the same mold, why are they labeled as 1/72 scale Haunebu and 1/48th scale for the Adamski? To make a long story short, after asking the folks at H & H, they did their homework on the Adamski accounts and in his book (‘Flying saucers have landed’. Published 1952), Adamski said that the size was 10 meters. With some homework and considering that there are different and sizes of the Haunebu, some accounts mention that they were 20 meters wide thus making it a 1/72 scale model.

I confess that I’m an avid follower with a very healthy dose of skepticism of the UFO phenomena and this difference in scale does not bother me in the least. I just wanted a good representation of the crafts and I believe that Hand and Head is giving us UFO followers and model kit builders the best of both worlds. On the one hand German craft fans and model builders will have the opportunity to build a model of this mysterious and controversial flying craft. One the other hand UFO phenomena followers will get the chance of building a UFO model of the famous George Adamski UFO accounts. A win-win deal for us if you ask me.

Both kits share the same interior with control panels. No one has seen these craft much less the interior. But it is there and the panels can be removed to display it. You can also add LED’s inside. I’ve seen the Adamski Flying saucer from Atlantis models. With a very similar price tag on both and getting no interior on the Atlantis offering, you will definitely want the Hand and Head kit. The Hand and Head Haunebu is pretty much a new tooling while the other brand is a reissue of the Marmit kit issued in Japan over a decade ago.

Adamski type flying saucer kit sprues.

These pictures below are the extra sprues included with the Adamski type saucer model kit. The rest are the same shown on the image batch above. Note that the clear parts will play the role of port holes unlike the gun ports on the Haunebu above. As described by George Adamski in his accounts, the flying saucer had 3 round protrusions that seemingly changed shapes as it hovered at low altitude. You can see these depicted on the clear parts sprue as ‘domes’ while on the Haunebu kit they are gun turrets. This is pretty much the difference between both kits.

While the Adamski type saucer has been available since April, 2014, as I mentioned earlir, the Haunebu is just available from pre-order.  There is no distributor for these kits at the moment in the USA. I recommend a Google search as: haunebu model kit pre order and vendors from the other side of the pond will show up. Monsters in Motion is taking pre orders -at the time of this entry.-

From the box art, packaging quality, nice colorful instructions, clean molding with no flash and very small injection points any of these 2 kits will please their respective audience. Kudos for the effort on these 2 subjects!

My sincere thanks to Sungyun Park president of  Hand and Head products for his kind letter and providing us with these two samples.

If you’d like to know a bit more about the German Foo Fighters during World War 2, I highly recommend this video below.

George Collazo
George Collazo

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