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The Relic’s Kothoga Model from Pegasus Hobbies

Is out, the newest from Pegasus Hobbies and this time is a Cult Classic creature from the movie The Relic.

From the Movie: Named “Mbwun” (translation: “He Who Walks On All Fours”). Description, at best, is a “scaly primate.” Characterized by an unusual smell and glowing red eyes. The DNA of this creature includes gecko genes. Is described as being “as fast as a greyhound with the intelligence of a human.” Was much stealthier than its movie counterpart. Received more sympathy in the novel; both Margo and Ian Cuthbert described it as “lonely” and “sad.” Used to be archaeologist Julian Whittlesey.

Transformation time may have been the same, but the time from arrival in New Yorkto killing humans is measured in years rather than weeks, and begins with small animals. There is some evidence of the monster retained some sentimental feelings of his human life. The packing crate that contained the Mbwun plant the monster needed was stored for a time at the museum and allowed the monster to survive without killing.

Only after the crate and dried plants were moved beyond its reach did it turn to killing. The creature’s skull and hide were durable enough that bullets fired at its head were deflected. It is finally killed by Agent Pendergast who shoots it through its eye socket with a large caliber handgun.

The Kit:

Unleashed from the horror movie THE RELIC comes the frightening “Kothoga” creature model kit! With its powerful tail, menacing claws and huge mandible pinchers, it takes its place as one of the scariest movie monster designs ever produced by the legendary Stan Winston Studios.

Comes with museum style display base and detailed tribal idol statue. Measures approximately 12” in length. Sheathed in gritty green-brown scales, Kothoga is supported by massive hook-taloned paws. Believed to be a mythic creature, the ghastly Kothoga was created when members of a newly discovered South American tribe offered an unspecified transformative concoction to an overly trustful anthropologist.

Slaughtering human prey to extract the hypothalamus from each victim’s brain, Kothoga initially conceals its presence, striking at night, which leaves the murders erroneously attributed to an extremely brutal human attacker.

George Collazo
George Collazo

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