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1/72 scale German U-BOAT from Revell

The Type VII C was a further development of the Type VII B. The VII C was by far the most built submarine. It was also the most successful submarine of all time and in all countries. By the end of the war 577 units had been completed. From the delivery of the first sub of this type in 1940 these units formed the backbone of the German submarine forces in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Revell 1/72 German U-BOAT

This is good news for model kit builders who either missed the first release or now want to add another version of the infamous German U Boat to their kit collection without having to shed big bucks at the auction site. As of September, 2011, Revell of Germany will have once again their soughtafter 1/72 scale German U Boat.

There are plenty of aftermarket accessories for this kit as there is interest for this kit. I built this kit nearly a year ago shortly after finishing my Revell GATO class 1/72 American submarine. With the GATO, I indulged myeself in a few resin figures and torpedoes from CMK Resin Productions.

With the U Boat, I settled for Revell of Germany figures set # 02525. Now, don’t take this as 100% accurate, but I’ve heard that the new Revell U Boat is including this set of figures.

If someone can confirm this, please let us know thru our comments section below. Along I’m including a few pictures of the U-Boat with a scale comparison between the GATO Class. You can see the GATO submarine on top of a 32” LCD TV. It won’t fit inside the showcase where the U-Boat model kit is in.

George Collazo
George Collazo

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