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Cyber Hobby 1/350 USS Yorktown (CG-48)

The USS Yorktown was a Ticonderoga-class cruiser in the US Navy after its commissioning in July 1984 before being decommissioned in 2004.  It was named after the American Revolutionary War Battle of Yorktown. Perhaps its most famous incident occurred in the Black Sea in February 1988. While claiming the “right of innocent passage” through Soviet territorial waters, USS Yorktown was rammed by the Soviet frigate Bezzavetniy. Some labeled this “the last incident of the Cold War”.


Cyber Hobby 1/350 USS Yorktown (CG-48)

This is another pair of subjects in Orange Box line of price-beating kits from Cyber Hobby. This is the second 1/350 scale ship set (Item No. 1048) which includes the  USS Yorktown (CG 48) a soviet submarine.  The submarine in this kit set is an Alfa-Class nuclear-powered hunter/killer submarine.  This Soviet Project 705 type was the fastest and deepest-diving military submarines ever built.

It was a somewhat experimental 2,300-ton design highly adapted as an interceptor from the first of seven submarines commissioned in 1974.  All were decommissioned by 1990 after having served in the Northern Fleet. Alfa-class submarines were 267 feet (81.4m) long, and required a crew of approximately 30 men.

The kit can be assembled in my opinion by beginners to advance modelers. There are however a few flaws that requires some attention. In my case I used .020 stock styrene from Evergreen. Part D5 will fit nicely with part C33 but if you don’t use a piece of styrene to reinforce them, chances are that they might split while adding the now one piece plank to the ship’s hull.

Other thing to keep in mind is that the hull has a slight curvature and the floor on which the now entire super structure is, might leave some gaps caused by straight parts on a slight curved base. I must mention that this is my 1st ship in a long time and by a long time I mean a 1/700 US Nimitz from Testors back in the mid 80’s.

This build might look intimidating if you’re not used to building ships. That’s thanks to the number of sub-assemblies and some of these assemblies are not quite clear on the instructions which is basically a norm with Dragon Models. Once you start adding those sub-assemblies to the main hull, your U.S.S. Yorktown will start to look like a ship in no time.

Colors: I used Tamiya XF-19 Sky Gray for the entire structure and Model Master British Crimson Red for the Hull. Some darker details were painted with Tamiya XF-66 Gray.

Kit Highlights
  • Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in grey.
  • Intricate superstructure with details.
  • Delicate sail is produced.
  • Includes parts for one ship and one submarine.
  • Also includes a small helicopter.
  • Display stands included.
  • Waterslide decals.
  • Illustrated instructions with paint/marking guide included.
  • Contains over 230 parts.

Because of some fit issues that can be resolved with some ingenuity, I recommend this kit with some reservations. Nothing too big to be worried about but worth mentioning.

Jeannette Valle
Jeannette Valle

Jeannette has been working with semiconductors companies for the last 17 years. Active in Christian Spanish ministries around the Twin Cities. Avid but selective collector of Coca Cola memorabilia.