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1/72 Moebius USS Skipjack Submarine Preview

Presenting the 1/72 USS Skipkack Nuclear Powered Submarine from Moebius Models. The mail carrier dropped off this one in my studio last week so here are the preview pictures. Let me start by saying, don’t let the box of this kit fool you. Moebius went the extra mile to wisely use every square inch during the package design. This may seem a bit trivial to some, but shelf space is a big commodity .

1/72 Moebius USS Skipjack Submarine Preview

I have seen reports of the hull parts being ”flimsy”. This is absolutely NOT true. Size X thickness, the hull pieces are as sturdy as they get and to my experience, no different than the 1/72 Revell Wolfpack and GATO Class Submarine.

The kit is comprised of 50 parts including some clear lenses and photo etched to build a 42” long model. Decals are in the Goldilocks side, not to thick, not too thin. Also included markings for all 6 Skipjack Class vessels.

  • USS SCAMP (SSN-588)
  • USS SHARK (SSN-591)
  • USS SNOOK (SSN-592)

The hull will require a mini saw to get rid of the remaining injection runners. No big deal but worth the suggestion. They are too thick and I rather avoid the stress induced by regular styrene cutters.

The rest of the parts are free of molding lines and zero flash on the smaller parts. The instructions are as easy as a Quick Set Up guide and comes with the suggested colors for the kit.

Wait, there’s more! If you are into the RC hobby, the Caswell Company has a R/C motor kit designed specifically for the 1/72 Moebius Skipjack.

Read the acknowledgements on the instructions, this will give you an idea of the great care and commitment to accuracy from Moebius on this project.

Look for a build review of this kit soon.

My sincere thanks to Moebius Models for the review copy.

George Collazo
George Collazo

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