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TRUMPETER 1/200 German Battleship Bismarck Upgrade Set #00627

Well, if you thought that the new 1/200 Bismarck from Trumpeter had too many parts for you to handle, let me show you this in case you didn’t know about it.  There is a nice glossy spread color insert inside the new kits. Along with an all NEW TOOLED Soviet BMP-1IFV, Trumpeter is announcing a new Upgrade Set for the recently released 1/200 German Bismarck with the following parts:

  • Includes turned metal gun barrels (15″  (380mm) main battery (x8)
  • 5.9″  (150mm) secondary battery (x12)
  • 4.1″  (105mm) high angle secondary (x16)
  • 37mm anti-aircraft mounts (x16)
  • White metal screws (x3)
  • Injection-molded plastic parts (barrel sockets for main and secondary turrets and AA gun receivers)

So there you have it folks.

Jeannette Valle
Jeannette Valle

Jeannette has been working with semiconductors companies for the last 17 years. Active in Christian Spanish ministries around the Twin Cities. Avid but selective collector of Coca Cola memorabilia.