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The Various Diorama Types

Dear readers,

Dioramas come in all types, jungle, beach, wooded areas and many more as the skills of the modeller improve over time. My experience is no different and confidence in your own skill level of dioramas is very important. Start with a theme and the idea that starting small is as important a feature as ever because you don’t want to over-do yourself and lose the value of the work.

You have seen the various dioramas that I have posted in my articles and here I will display a few more to show off the many variations so let’s visit those already seen and a few more.

The elements of any great diorama are the base, the scenery material and the model(s) to be displayed on the diorama. Without one of these elements the others don’t add up to a realistic and finished scene.

My bases are now made from a recycled rubber stepping stone of sorts sold as a garden product, as I have mentioned before they are the best bases to come along and I doubt very much that the creators of this product even considered the possible uses of this stepping stone shaped item.  You will see several of these used. Additionally I do still use wood and with the proper treatment these work but not as well as the rubber.

The scenery can create the theme as in real life and I use all types of material, mostly natural such as real sand/dirt and dried weed roots for realistic results. Mixes of model railroad scenery and other products are used in most of my dioramas. I use baking soda for snow, acrylic paints, acrylic caulking, and acrylic gloss wood sealer. These similar products all blend with each other and clean up with water.



  1. Italeri/ Tamiya Sherman with MiniArt Crew (95 KiB)
    Fighting in the grass

  2. Marine Sherman and Mop-up (126.6 KiB)
    Jungle hell

  3. Desert Rats-8th Army (115.1 KiB)
    Sand everywhere

  4. Forward Battle Aid Station (288.3 KiB)
    Supplying the front

  5. Too Cold to Move (82.6 KiB)
    Frozen feet and everything else

  6. D Day Landing - 29th Infantry (43.3 KiB)

  7. MP Jeep (65.6 KiB)

  8. Weasel in the Snow (48.3 KiB)
    Not stuck

  9. Dodge with mud (80.8 KiB)
    Muddy streets?

  10. Older Italeri Buildings (353.2 KiB)
    Monte Casino, Italy

  11. Hell is Cold! (401.8 KiB)
    The Ardenne

  12. Tamiya German Field Kitchen (217.6 KiB)
    Feeding the army

  13. Jungle Palms (175.1 KiB)
    Making the trees

  14. Palm Details (184.2 KiB)

  15. Florist tape trees (191.1 KiB)

  16. Tree making (119.3 KiB)

  17. The leaves taking shape (121.3 KiB)

  18. More Sand (234.2 KiB)

  19. More of the checkpoint (315.9 KiB)

  20. Hedgerow in France (337 KiB)

  21. Store bought and natural material (479.4 KiB)

John Staehle

I have a fully equipped shop for the purpose of creating military diorama scenes as well as free-standing models. Additional projects include small modular railroad section construction.