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History of the bazooka

Immediately recognizable due to its name and appearance, the bazooka is one of the most iconic weapons of all time. Developed in the early 20th Century, it first saw widespread use during World War II. The development of the bazooka entailed two separate technologies: rocketry and shaped-charge warheads. Like many WWII inventions, it was a high-powered weapon that was scaled down for increased mobility and ease of fire. It was named by General Gladeon M.

Nuts & Bolts Volume 35: Büssing’s schwere Pz.Spähwagen Part 1: schw. Pz.Spähwagen (Sd.Kfz. 231) (8-Rad) & schw. Pz.Spähwagen(fu) (Sd.Kfz 232) (8-Rad)

N&B Volume 35 Cover

The latest title from the Nuts & Bolts team is part one of the Pz.Spähwagen series. Although I have other great reference works such as the Panzer Tracts for scale plans and production information, this is still a worthy addition to the library. Since the title’s target group includes modelers, I will state that Tamiya and AFV Club have all released kits of this vehicle in 1/35th scale. As printed, the book has 200

Revell 1/48 Consolidated B-24D Liberator

Here it is, as promised during the last few weeks. This is the 1:48 scale B-24D Liberator from Revell.  This model kits has its age, but has managed the test of time based on previous Revell models I've built from around the same molding period.  The kit comes with some vintage 1/48 scale figures that most likely you have or will see in other Revell models. This model is big, so make sure you have

Airfix 1/72 Amphibian Buffalo

The Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) was a class of amphibious vehicles introduced by the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Army during World War II. Originally intended solely as cargo carriers for ship to shore operations, they rapidly evolved into assault troop and fire support vehicles as well. The LVT had its origins in a civilian rescue vehicle called the Alligator. Developed by Donald Roebling in 1935, the Alligator was intended to operate in swampy

Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima Ki-II 43 OSCAR

To spice up my collection of 1/48 WWII Japanese aircraft, I decided to add the Nakajima / Hayabusa Ki-II 43 from Hasegawa Models. Went to my local hobby shop for some supplies but this model caught my attention. Later at a home I discovered that I've got it for a very good price ($21.00 + tax). For its age, the kit offers a fair amount of detail. The cockpit has enough detail to make jealous