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Operation Tidal Wave

In 1943, with Soviet oil fields getting farther and farther away from Hitler’s grasp, the Third Reich’s need for fuel became a vulnerable Achilles’ heel. British war plans have already identified Germany’s hard-to-serve needs for oil as a weakness before the war and now the Allies saw a chance to exploit this weakness. The oil refineries near the city of Ploiești, Romania, were responsible for one-third of Germany’s high-octane fuel and was perceived as a

We Remember, Video

Video Description: "We Remember" was performed live at the ICAS Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. This video was produced to be projected on the screens behind  Dwayne O'Brien while he sang this song. I found this video very moving and I wanted to share it here with fellow model builders, family and friends with great appreciation for the hobby or American History. To all those who went airborne to defend what many take for granted, our