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Built Round 2 Models 22” Space 1999 Eagle Transporter

Almost two weeks ago I posted a rundown of the new 22'' Space 1999 Eagle Transporter from Round 2 Models. After missing a part to the carpet monster in the studio and getting a replacement by a nice gentleman in Italy, the Eagle was ready for pictures. This is the 1/48th scale (22'') Eagle Transport from Space 1999. It started as a water cooler rumor and almost 2 years later the folks at Round 2

Round 2 Models MPC 22” Space 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter (Preview)

The Eagle Transporter is the iconic capital spacecraft featured in the Gerry Anderson show Space:1999. The previous release of the 12” version of the ship has always been well-received by fans and modelers everywhere. MPC now releases an ALL-NEW large format kit of the ship. It has been exhaustively researched for accuracy and features spring-loaded landing foot pads, pilot figures and all decals needed to fully decorate the ship. On the TV Show: The Eagle Transporter System or ETS was designed to be the

New model kits selection at Michaels stores

Yesterday after stopping by at Michaels Stores for some Testors ''Wet Look'' gloss clear, we did noticed a bunch of NEW products on the shelves. Technically they are not new but rather new offerings from the craft store. Many of us have stopped going to the stores because they bring from Revell and Monogram models a new item every blue moon. The building supply also received a revamp for the upcoming holiday season and although