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Revell 1/144 scale Lockheed F-19 Stealth Fighter

In 1986, as speculation about Lockheed’s Northrop built what it called the YF-17 technology demonstrator to compete with General Dynamics’ YF-16 in the lightweight fighter program. When the F-16 won, the U.S. Navy hired Northrop to base the Navy’s next fighter on the -17, with the result designated F-18.) Testors assumed that in order to deflect radar waves, the F-19 would be sleek and streamlined and would somewhat resemble Lockheed’s other-worldly SR-71. Testors models stuck a

Revell of Germany Zil 131 Soviet Truck

The ZiL-131 is a basic technical design and is known for its reliability and superb off-road capability. The ZiL-131 was widely used in both the Soviet armed forces as well as in former Eastern Bloc countries. It is a four-wheel drive truck with a load carrying capacity of 5 tons which in the basic configuration can carry both troops and military supplies on its cargo floor. It is assumed that about 1 million of these

Revell of Germany 1/32 Arado 196B

The Ar 196 is the German Navy's most famous on-board catapult aircraft of the Second World War. Used initially and in the main as an on-board reconnaissance aircraft, it was also used for submarine hunting and for attacking smaller ships in all European theatres until the end of the War. In February 1938 an Ar 196 V4 carrying the registration D-OVMB and serial number 2592 was trialled as a test aircraft. The aircraft was fitted

New Revell U-Boot Type IX C

And here I am presenting the upcoming 1/72 Revell U-Boot type IX-C to our fine readers and submarine fans. These are pictures of the first test shot from Revell of Germany. The Type IX U-boat was designed by Germany in 1935 and 1936 as a large ocean-going submarine for sustained operations far from the home support facilities. Type IX boats were briefly used for patrols off the eastern United States in an attempt to disrupt the

1/35 Revell 7mil gl 6×6 MAN Truck

To supply combat and support troops on the battlefield with, for instance, munitions, lubricants and fuels, in difficult terrain highly mobile cross-country vehicles are used. In 1964, under the leadership of MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg, with the participation of the firms Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz, Büssing, Henschel and Krupp, the GB (joint bureau of the German commercial vehicle industry) was formed. The aim was to develop cross-country transports of the family of vehicles known as the ''new generatio'' which were introduced in the German Army at the end

Revell 1/32 Heinkel He 219

I'm not a big fan myself of being after or publishing rumors, unless there is concrete evidence that something is in the pipeline or very close to reach our hands. This time Revell of Germany provide us model kit builders with a teaser. Test shots from their upcoming 1/32 scale German Heinkel 219. Judging by the pictures, this will be a great model straight out of the box and I have no doubts that after

Revell 1/72 Fairey Gannet Model Kit

History: The Gannet was built in response to the 1945 Admiralty requirement GR.17/45, for which prototypes by Fairey (Type Q or Fairey 17, after the requirement) and Blackburn Aircraft (the Blackburn B-54 / B-88) were built. After considering and discounting the Rolls-Royce Tweed turboprop, Fairey selected an engine based on the Armstrong Siddeley Mamba: the Double Mamba (or "Twin Mamba"), basically two Mambas mounted side-by-side and coupled through a common gearbox to coaxial contra-rotating propellers. Revell 1/72

Revell Germany Vought Corsair A-7E

Took around 30 hours to complete. This kit which as far as I know, is a re-box of the well known Hasegawa 1/48 Vought Corsair A7E is a very decent kit for an out-of-box build -in my humble opinion- I just wished a more detailed ejection seat with molded-in seat belts. But because I was not willing to put more money on this kit in after market parts, I decided instead to use the pilot

Revell of Germany 1/700 Colombo Express

Less than a year ago, REVELL GERMANY released their 1/700 Colombo Express in a fair 1/700 scale. We've had the chance to build this kit upon commission by someone who works on exports often times with the Happag Lloyd vessel. The kit comes molded in white with markings for all 6 ships in the Colombo Express fleet. Personally I don't like that much white kits because I can't see panel lines very well due to