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Revell Master Series 1/48 Tie Fighter

TIE -Twin Ion Engine- series starfighters shared a general design form of a roughly spherical or cylindrical cockpit pod attached to a set of solar panels. The cockpit and panels could be supplemented by other modules for ordnance or other functions. Their overall design bore a large resemblance to the Human eye, which led to several members of the Rebel Alliance, including those of Rogue Squadron, to give them nicknames relating to eyes (such as

Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino

Released for four seasons in the seventies, the Starsky and Hutch series took the cop drama genre and ran with it. The show featured drug use, shoot outs, and lots and lots of car chases featuring the signature bright red "striped tomato" Ford Torino owned by Starsky. Any criminal would know from a mile away who was driving up in the bright red Torino, but a 351 c.i. engine with dual carbs let the partners

Revell of Germany 1/32 FW-190 (Finished)

The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Würger (English: Shrike) is a German single-seat, single-engine fighter aircraft designed by Kurt Tank in the late 1930s and widely used during World War II. Along with its well-known counterpart, the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the Fw 190 became the backbone of the Luftwaffe's Jagdwaffe (Fighter Force). The twin-row BMW 801 radial engine that powered most operational versions enabled the Fw 190 to lift larger loads than the Bf 109, allowing its

Foose and Revell Poll Now Open

VOTING IS OPEN for the Foose & Revell survey This just in from Revell USA: Kit Reviewers: If you recall, earlier last month Revell announced an exclusive agreement with Chip Foose to create 6 new kits, 2 of which will be all new tooling! Revell has created a one-question ranking survey in which fans can vote on 7 Foose Designs and choose the top 2 favorites! Revell will create model kits of those 2 vehicles. Revell is asking for

1/48 Revell F-86D Sabre Dog

An intelligence warning in 1948 prompted the U.S. Air Force to hurriedly develop an all-weather interceptor. Starting with the basic airframe of its F-86A, North American incorporated two unprecedented concepts into the F-86D (initially designated the F-95). First, a highly sophisticated electronic system replaced the second crewmember carried by other interceptors of the time. Second, the F-86D became the first production single-seat fighter to which air-to-air missiles replaced the classic gun armament. With its air intake reshaped to make

Revell 1/32 F-4G Phantom II “Wild Weasel”

Suppressing enemy air defenses is a crucial, highly demanding, and highly dangerous mission. It amounts, tactically to a deadly game of hide and seek in which hidden SAM batteries try to down lurking aircraft before they themselves are destroyed. The F-4 Phantom II was one of the most potent 'Wild Weasel' aircraft of the last several decades. These aircraft played a key role in conflicts from Vietnam to Desert Storm. Kit features access ladder, choice

New models from Revell around the corner

For all Revell's new release followers here is the pre-order leaf distributed in the United States. Usually this leaflet is reserved and available at brick and mortar hobby shops are printed on both sides with the upcoming releases from Revell USA. For the Spring/Summer leaflet this is not the case. It came printed on just one side of it. Knowing that our own George Collazo has a soft spot for WRC and ''Tuned'' imports, I

Revell 2014 Mustang GT Plastic Model Kit

Since its introduction in 1964, the GT has been the peak of the performance lineup for the famous Ford Mustang line. Even after fifty years, however, the Mustang GT still delivers the performance, the style, and the bang for your buck that the American public thirsts for. 2014 marks the final model year for the 5th generation Mustang. With incredible performance and big 5.0 liter V-8 engines, the 5th gen was one mean machine but

Monogram Armored Half Track Model Kit

The Half Track was developed from the concept of the scout car as a troop carrier and recon vehicle. Many more uses became apparent by mounting a 37 mm cannon with two .50 caliber machine guns, 75 mm and 105 mm cannons. Also built was an M16 multiple machine gun mount called a "Quad 50". The M16 mounted a M45 Maxson .50cal MG "quad" arrangement. The U.S. half-track was first used in the Philippines where several

Revell A-7A Corsair II

The Vought A-7 Corsair II is a carrier-capable subsonic light attack aircraft introduced to replace the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. The A-7 airframe design was based on the successful supersonic Vought F-8 Crusader. It was one of the first combat aircraft to feature a head-up display (HUD), an inertial navigation system (INS), and a turbofan engine. The Corsair II initially entered service with the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. It was later adopted by

Revell 1/32 M47 Patton II Tank

M47s were rushed into production in order to participate in the Korean War. Detroit Arsenal combined a turret from the upcoming T-42 with the existing chassis of the M46 to produce the M47. In many ways the M47 was a modern tank, with a stabilized gun that increased accuracy and firing rate and an updated suspension; however, it also suffered from a very old style of armor on its chassis which made it vulnerable to

Revell Eager Beaver Truck

Yes, the 1/35 Eager Beaver 2.5 Ton Truck with Figures is back and it should be available (or about to be) at your local hobby shop. The kit is molded in dark olive green and for its age, there is barely flash to deal with. The figures look like they were taken from the plastic soldiers bucket. But hey, this is one old kit so lets keep it real. As with other kits from the day, this