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Built Round 2 Models 22” Space 1999 Eagle Transporter

Almost two weeks ago I posted a rundown of the new 22'' Space 1999 Eagle Transporter from Round 2 Models. After missing a part to the carpet monster in the studio and getting a replacement by a nice gentleman in Italy, the Eagle was ready for pictures. This is the 1/48th scale (22'') Eagle Transport from Space 1999. It started as a water cooler rumor and almost 2 years later the folks at Round 2

Round 2 Models MPC 22” Space 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter (Preview)

The Eagle Transporter is the iconic capital spacecraft featured in the Gerry Anderson show Space:1999. The previous release of the 12” version of the ship has always been well-received by fans and modelers everywhere. MPC now releases an ALL-NEW large format kit of the ship. It has been exhaustively researched for accuracy and features spring-loaded landing foot pads, pilot figures and all decals needed to fully decorate the ship. On the TV Show: The Eagle Transporter System or ETS was designed to be the