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Monogram C-47 Skytrain Plastic Model Kit

An aluminum tube 63ft. long; unheated, unpressurized, unarmored, unarmed and carrying 32 men to war through flak and fighter fire. Gooney Birds, the C-47 Skytrain, were the workhorses and warhorses of the Allies throughout WWII. They carried paratroopers into combat, brought supplies to embattled soldiers and, at the end of the war, carried them home. No model collection is complete without at least one model of the humble yet mighty C-47 Skytrain. Monogram 1/48 C-47 Skytrain Presenting

Revell 1/48 Me 262 A-1a

Seems like a few days ago when Jeannette posted the Mid 2013 announcement from Revell. By the time you read this, the re issue of the 1/48th Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a should be (or about to be) on the shelves of hobby shops around the nation. The kit is stamped as 1978, so as most kits from the era, it has raised panel lines. The major sub assemblies are held here together (see the pictures)

Vintage Revell & Monogram Displays

Vintage Monogram Store Display

Last Saturday while at my local hobby shop, I met  with an interesting colleague model builder. Turns out that Mike Scott has made a hobby within the hobby. Mike recreates replicas of those hard to find and often expensive Revell and Monogram store displays. Remember when you used to get a model kit for a mere .98 cents and put it together in an afternoon? Well, Mike brings back those memories and nostalgia without breaking

Revell M-48 A-2 Patton Tank

The M48A2 Patton tank was named for General George S. Patton, famous tank commander of World War II. It is a heavily armored, full-tracklaying combat vehicle with a 90 mm gun, a .30 cal. machine gun in combination mount and a .50 cal. machine gun in the commander's cupola. Opening and closing hatches, movable turret, cannon, machine gun and tank treads. Two crew members and six military figures. Decals with optional markings. Molded in olive