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Miniart 35200 - U.S. Soldiers at Rest is a five-figure, injection-moulded set in 1/35th scale. This set, which is molded in light-grey styrene on two small sprues that include 6 parts, containing 79 parts. The subject of the set show a set of soldiers playing cards, one reading a newspaper or magazine, one laying on his back smoking and another one sleeping. This set can be built to recreate a stand alone scene or to improve

Miniart 1/35 German Tank Crew at rest #35198

Miniart brought us again another outstanding set of figures in 1/35 scale in the World War II era, this time a set of German tank crew herding a pig! The  kit consist of 43 parts   in a light gray distributed in six sprues. The parts are enough to build five figures and a Nazi swine! I mean the pig!