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1/24 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole

This month's Italeri release is all about opposites! The intense speed of Lamborghinis and the Mirage III versus the slow grinding of WWI. The peaceful and prosperous DAF 95 versus the indomitable and destructive Churchill tank. No matter the subject, Italeri brings painstaking detail to every model. For display pieces that look riveting, whether they're tearing up the track or the North African desert, choose Italeri. Four times the firepower, four times the fun! Lamborghini unveiled the

Italeri 1/24 Scania Topline 143M 4×2

The Scania 3-series is a truck model range introduced in 1987 by Swedish truck manufacturer Scania. It is the successor of the 2-series.The 3 series came in a range of different engine sizes and horsepower from 9.0 litre 230 horsepower all the way up to 14 litre V8 500 horsepower engine. Production of the 3-series was stopped after the 4-series were introduced in 1997. The Scania R143 is generally considered to be the best European tractor

New Italeri 1/24 Jeep Willys

Advances in early 20th century technology resulted in widespread mechanization of the military during World War I. The United States Army deployed four-wheel drive trucks in it, supplied by Four Wheel Drive Auto (FWD) and the Thomas B. Jeffery Company. By the eve of World War II the United States Department of War had determined it needed a light, cross-country reconnaissance vehicle. Anxious to have one in time for America's entry into World War II, the

Upcoming releases from Italeri Models

Cool cruising This latest-generation semitrailer is representative of much of Europe’s on-road haulage vehicles. Featuring an efficient braking system, side impact protection and a considerable load capacity, these trailers are used extensively and are produced by at least ten or so specialized companies, which provide a comprehensive range of variants to meet the specific needs of individual customers. -Stock Number Description Retail Price -ITAS3904 1/24 Reefer Trailer. $74.99 USD -Available: May Made for war Even after two hundred years, the innovations of Napoleon’s command structure are relevant

Italeri 1/48 Combat Aircraft Support Group

This is the Italeri 1/48 Combat Aircraft Support Group which I believe it was sold under the ESCI label. It does features a nicely model towing tractor, bomb loader and a boarding ladder. Since it is injection molded, the price is quite fair compared to a resin counterpart if you're building or planing on building a diorama on a budget. The injection is quite clean with little to no visible flash. To my liking the clear

Italeri 1/35 Military Container

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed many standards including some covering shipping. One of the items standardized, using the ISO 6346 reporting mark, were intermodal shipping containers. This meant that the container, without being opened or unloaded, can be transferred from ship to rail to truck. Among the various lengths standardized, there is the 20 foot container as released by Italeri in model form. Inside the side opening box, there are two identical sprues,

ITALERI PLASTIC MODEL KITS Now Distributed By Hobbico®

Hobbico is proud to announce that it is now the exclusive distributor for Italeri plastic model kits in the U.S. and Canada. Hobbyists who turn to Italeri kits for quality, variety, scale accuracy and easy assembly will now find them available from many retailers in Hobbico’s wide distribution network. Headquartered near Bologna, Italy, Italeri was founded in 1962 by Gian Pietro Parmeggiani and Giuliana Malservisi — two men who decided to turn their boyhood love of airplanes and military vehicles into a business. Their own model-building experiences taught them the importance of

Italeri M60 Blazer IDF Tank

Magach (מגח; Ma-GAKH) designation refers to a series of tanks in Israeli service. The tanks are based on the American M48 and M60 Patton tanks. Magach 1, 2, 3 and 5 are based upon M48 tanks; Magach 6 and 7 are based upon M60 tanks. The tanks were sold to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) by West Germany and later the United States, during the 1960s and 1970s. Several dozen Jordanian M48 tanks, captured intact

Italeri 1/35 LVT-4 Water Buffalo

The LVT had its origins in a civilian rescue vehicle called the Alligator. Developed by Donald Roebling in 1935, the Alligator was intended to operate in swampy areas, inaccessible to both traditional cars and boats. Two years later, Roebling built a redesigned vehicle with greatly improved water speed. The United States Marine Corps, which had been developing amphibious warfare doctrine based on the ideas of Lt. Col. Earl Hancock "Pete" Ellis and others, became interested