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Built! Bandai 1/144 Millenium Falcon

I was finally able to call the Bandai 1/144 model kit done a week and a half ago. But being involved with other sponsored projects kept me from taking the pictures. Here you have it! The most sought after model kit from Bandai followed I'd say by the 1/72 Y-Wing Starfighter has been the heck of a ride over the last 2 months and a half. As you most likely know, the Bandai Millenium Falcon this

Photo Etch grille set for 1/144 Bandai Falcon

It was just a matter of time, someone  had to take the bull by the horns and design a photo etch grille set for the popular Millenium Falcon from Bandai models. The highly praised Millenium Falcon from Bandai along other minor shortcomings was in dire need of a way to display its 6 engines on its back. There is already a 3D printed option and now we present you a very nicely done photo etch

Bandai 1/144 Millenium Falcon Preview

A few days ago I've got mail call. It was a box from the far East with half of the top covered in stamps and a customs slip. Finally, my 1/144 Millenium Falcon from Star Wars TFA had arrived. So far I had only seen it in pictures from a few sources. Let me tell you, by now you may have heard a lot of hype about the little gems from Bandai. The hype is