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Meng Models and AK Interactive join forces

MENG/AK PARTNERSHIP OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT EN MENG and AK INTERACTIVE are proud to announce to the scale model world the beginning of a professional cooperation between the both companies. The knowledge and technical experience of two of the best brands in the scale model field/world will join to develop and launch new products. By uniting the strengths of two of the main companies in the market, the goal is offering modelers around the world the best of the two,

No more ‘Mig’ at AK Interactive

Well, some news spread like wildfire. In an open letter posted on Facebook, Mr. Fernando Vallejo Calleja announced that Miguel 'Mig' Jimenez will no longer be part of AK Interactive Products. My experience with AK Interactive Products has been very positive. They are great products made from the ground up from model builders to model builders. We have purchased our own share of washes and filters. Thru Iain Hamilton from AK Interactive USA, we have

Tamiya 3ton 4×2 Opel Blitz German Truck

The German army in WWII used a wide variety of wheeled vehicles as part of their overall strategy of fast mechanized warfare. Among the most widely used was the 3Ton 4x2 Cargo Truck, a truck design that was first produced in the 1930s. Featuring a dependable 6-cylinder gasoline engine, the 3Ton 4x2 Cargo Truck could take on a very large payload disproportionate to its size. They proved to be not only extremely reliable, but also

Tamiya T34/76 Russian Tank

The T-34 was powered by an excellent engine, armed with the powerful gun and protected with stamped thick armor plates welded onto the body in a rather unsightly manner. Thus the T-34, unlike West European tanks, did not have a polished shape at all. It, however, was superior in fighting power to any tank then manufactured by any other nation of the world. The T-34 was a real fighting vehicle and great tank. The T-34 was