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Revell Arado Ar (E) 555

In 1944, the Imperial Air Ministry requested a long-range, high-speed bomber that could carry 8,819 lb (4,000 kg) payloads. The stealthy Ar555 was Arado’s preferred prototype. By year’s end, however, the expensive project was scrapped. This model kit features detailed surfaces with recessed panel joints, a detailed cockpit with instrument panel and...


Unimax 1/72 Abrams and Bradley

This is a diorama of a fictional battle of Fallujah made with Unimax 1/72 Abrams M1-A1 and Bradleys M3-A2. These Military Toys are exclusive to Target stores as you can see on the boxed pictures. They are very affordable at $5.00 each. This diorama was a weekend project with my...


Revell 1/72 German Figures Kit # 02525

When I started to build Revell’s 1/72 Wolf Pack German U Boat, I wanted to add some dynamism and populate the kit with some German 1/72 Figures. Having built the USS Cobia 1/72 Revell Gato Class before, I was limited to 1/72 resin figures from CMK. Well cast and detailed...


German Horten Ho-229 A-1 -1/72 scale model kit

This is the 1/72 scale model kit of the German Horten Ho-229 A-1. It is made by PM Model in Istanbul/Turkey along with other 1/72 kits that we have yet to see more widely available. Like the Messerschmitt Me-P-111,  Focke Wulf Ta-183 ”Hückebein” 1/72 and WWII German Lippisch P.13a Ramjet...

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