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Kinetic 1/48 F-16I SUFA (Storm)

The F-16I nicknamed "Sufa" (Storm) is manufactured by "Lockheed Martin" and equipped with a "Pratt & Whitney" engine as well as advanced systems developed in Israel according to the IAF's specifications by the country's defense industries. Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFT) - These tanks are manufactured by the  "Israel Aircraft Industries"  and increase the aircraft's amount of internal fuel by 50%. Their purpose is to significantly prolong the aircraft's flight range and ability to remain in

Trumpeter 1/48 Mig 15 bis Fagot

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 (Russian: Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-15) was a jet fighter developed for the USSR by Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich. The MiG-15 was one of the first successful swept-wing jet fighters, and it achieved fame in the skies over Korea, where early in the war, it outclassed all straight-winged enemy fighters in daylight. The MiG-15 also served as the starting point for development of the more advanced MiG-17 which was still an effective

Eduard 1/48 Lavochkin La-7

The La-5's heritage began even before the outbreak of war, with the LaGG-1, a promising yet underpowered aircraft – turning a full circle, for example, took 20 seconds. The LaGG-3 was a modification of that design that attempted to correct this by both lightening the airframe and fitting a more powerful engine. Nevertheless, this was not enough, and the lack of power remained a significant problem. In early 1942, two of the LaGG-1 and -3's designers,

Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima Ki-II 43 OSCAR

To spice up my collection of 1/48 WWII Japanese aircraft, I decided to add the Nakajima / Hayabusa Ki-II 43 from Hasegawa Models. Went to my local hobby shop for some supplies but this model caught my attention. Later at a home I discovered that I've got it for a very good price ($21.00 + tax). For its age, the kit offers a fair amount of detail. The cockpit has enough detail to make jealous

Academy 1/48 F-86F ‘The Huff’

As promised, here we are sharing the pictures of the newest iteration from Academy's 1/48 F-86F. The kit at the time of publishing is not widely available in the United States. So, this kit was imported via eBay from Korea. This is the 3rd USAF F-86F added to my collection and being the 1st in 1/48 scale. This is one of my favorites aircraft. I'm lucky enough to have a block 50 F-86H on display

Eduard 1/48 Fw190-A Profi Pack

So here I'm pleased to present the Eduard Fw 190A-8 Focke Wulf on my 1st attempt to a diorama. Some preliminary work-in-progress pictures were shown here a few days ago. This Eduard model kit # 8173, is a nice addition to your German's Luftwaffe collection as a stand alone kit, although in my humble opinion, with the level of detail, this kit screams for a diorama. The kit comes with nice photo etched detail, pre-cut

Revell F-84G

1/48 F-84G Thunderjet The Revell 1/48 is a recent reissue with different markings. The kit is stamped with 1999 year. Kit details and info: Product ID: 85-5481 Overview Skill Level 2 Scale: 1/48 Length: 9-11/16" Wingspan: 10-1/2" Parts: 112 Description Although it proved to be the most effective and successful fighter-bomber in the Korean Conflict, the contributions of the F-84G Thunderjet go well beyond even those accomplishments. The Thunderjet was the first production fighter-bomber to be fitted with in-flight refueling capability and it was

Revell of Germany 1/48 Rafale B

The Dassault Rafale is a French twin-engine delta-wing multi-role jet fighter aircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation. Introduced in 2000, the Rafale is being produced both for land-based use with the French Air Force and for carrier-based operations with the French Navy. It has also been marketed for export to several countries but has not yet received orders. In the late 1970s, the Air Force and Navy were seeking replacements for its aircraft. To

Academy 1/48 Mig 21-PF

Here we add the 1/48 Academy MIG 21PF to our finished models section. A simple and affordable, yet a fair representation of this Soviet era aircraft. History: The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 (Russian: Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-21; NATO reporting name "Fishbed") is a supersonic jet fighter aircraft, designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau in the Soviet Union. It was popularly nicknamed "balalaika", from the aircraft's planform-view resemblance to the Russian stringed musical instrument or ołówek (English: pencil) by

Cyber-Hobby 1/48 Heinkel He 162 A-2 “SALAMANDER” / Volkjager

History: The Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger (German, "People's Fighter") was a German single-engine, jet-powered fighter aircraft fielded by the Luftwaffe in World War II. Designed and built quickly, and made primarily of wood as metals were in very short supply and prioritised for other aircraft, the He 162 was nevertheless the fastest of the first generation of Axis and Allied jets. Volksjäger was the Reich Air Ministry's official name for the He 162. Other names given

Tamiya 1/48-Raiden Interceptor

This is an old kit with a mix of raised and receded panel lines. Still builds into a nice representation of the aircraft. The cockpit detail is a bit sparse but in my opinion acceptable. Decals are not top notch but they do slide very nice and conform to the surface with little effort. This could be the perfect weekend build if you don't want a complicated model kits nor a snap-tite kit. They are