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Revell Germany F-16 Mlu “Solo Display”

The F-16 is still one of the most successful combat aircraft in the world. In the mid-1990’s a Mid-Life Update (MLU) modernization program was started with the aim of up-rating the European F-16’s combat effectiveness. In 2009 the Dutch Air Force prepared a F-16 (MLU) in a very attractive livery for solo displays. The aircraft was given an orange / mother-of-pearl base color with a red lion motif in very eye-catching colors to present the Netherlands at Air Shows. This aircraft is so popular that it is still performing the complete flying program during 2013. J-015 was stationed at Leeuwarden and is currently based in Volkel.


About the Kit:

– Structured surfaces with recessed panel joints
– Detailed Cockpit with instrument panel
– Pilot figure with adjustable arm
– Detailed Seat
– Detailed nose and main undercarriage
– Two-part thrust nozzle with interior detail
– 2 AIM 9 guided missiles
– 2 AIM 12 guided missiles
– Fuselage and wing-tanks
– Detailed Pylons
Super decal set with all special livery decorative details
– F-16AM Falcon J-015 Solo Display Royal Netherlands Air Force 2009 – 2013

207 mm
number of parts
143 mm


The Model Kit is a state of the art, even for 1/72 scale the level of details is of a highest standard. The kit features finely engraved panel lines throughout. Building of the fuselage was straighforward with no fitting problems at all. Canopy slide perfectly in place as well. The cabin is somewhat detailed, so you can choose to leave it at is or use a aftermarket cabin for it, but I think is not necessary. The figure is a great addition to the kit, fitting need some work in the arms in order to fit well, but overall was okay.  The kit was built and painted between two weekends, The black & orange areas must be painted by the modeller in order to apply the Lion Decal. Make sure you study very well the Decal Scheme and have pictures for reference, at some times you may get lost, and some of the decals numbers are not well explained in the image provided in the instructions. Saying that this kit is not for beginners, due to the decal steps may be too much for a inexperience modeler.

The result is an outstanding model with a unique paintwork for a f-16. This kit is highly recommended for F-16 enthusiast and modern aircraft modelers.

Pedro Negron
Pedro Negron
Started with modeling kits at age of 7 with the Monogram Missouri, continue at age of 12 with the Testor F-14 and many other kits until University, work and marriage put at stop at it. Now I'm back working with kits since 2010, and dealing with every type from Tanks to Scifi, and experimenting a lot with the paintings and weathering looking to achieve life-like models.