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Revell Flower Class Corvette Preview

I‘ve got this box seating on the floor two days ago in my studio. Finally I was able to take a peak inside and take some pictures. I was greeted by an impressive instruction booklet. It is comprised of 42 pages, ending on the rigging of the ship on step 165. From step 166 to 172 you’ll get to work with the supplied 1/72 figures. Step 173 and 174 is about painting and decaling one of two marking options provided with the kit.

The hull is big, you can see my daughter holding it for scale reference. The sprues are divided in 2 shades of gray. One is dark gray and the other one, is the more traditional light gray we are used to see on Revell of Germany aircraft. My last large project from Revell of Germany was the 1/72 U-Boat Wolf Pack which was molded in the same light gray as this.

Revell 1/72 Flower Class Corvette

The parts are free of bothersome flash. However those sprues in dark gray show a heavier moulding line compared to the sprues in light gray. In both cases, the MADE IN xxxx was scratched off from the stamping process. No big deal but a curious one like myself might wonder why.

As you can see on the pictures, there are injection defects on some of the figures. I’m mentioning it because they are there, but personally it is not a big deal to me. I want to give scale to this boat when is finished and the provided figures will suffice. Of course, mileage may vary for model builders.

Decals are in the Goldilocks side, not to thin, not too thick and the brass cannons are very crisp. There is a separate leaflet provided to work with the brass cannons and photo etched parts. See pictures below.

The self adhesive wooden deck looks as real as it get. One question however comes to mind. How will that adhesive stand the test of time? Especially here in the midwest where humidity or dry air both go to the extreme. I’m considering sanding down the styrene parts so the glue will have a better grip.

Although there are mould lines to clean on the Revell Flower Class Corvette, I have no doubt that along with the photo etch and brass goodies, the kit will be a nice display. The Flower Class Corvette will go with a 1/72 U Boat on display like bread and butter.

My most sincere thanks to Revell of Germany for sending in this kit. Look for this model finished soon.

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George Collazo
George Collazo
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