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1/25 Revell ’83 Oldsmobile Hurst

The relationship between Hurst Performance Products and Oldsmobile® goes back to 1968, when the first Hurst Oldsmobile® Cutlass™ was introduced. The fifth, and last, generation was offered in 1983 and 84. It was built on the rear-wheel drive G-Body of the Cutlass. In 1983, only 3,001 cars were produced and were available only in black with silver rocker panels. In ’84, the colors were reversed, but otherwise the cars were identical.

  • Highly detailed pieces molded in white, transparent red and clear
  • Chrome plated parts and soft black tires
  • Detailed 307 c.i. V-8 engine
  • Front and rear spoilers
  • Pre-painted redline wheels
  • Waterslide decals
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Length: 7-13/16″ (198.43mm)
  • Width: 3″ (76.2mm)
  • Height: 2-3/16″ (55.56mm)
  • Skill level: 4
  • Kit # 85-4317
  • Parts: 94
  • MSRP: $26.99
  • Street Price: $21.95 (approx)

2 months ago when we published the upcoming models from Revell for the Summer, we were very glad to see an interesting subject that most definitely caught our attention. I had the chance to build the model kit and here it is. This is the new 1/25 ’83 Hurst Oldsmobile from Revell. As er the kit highlights above it comprised of 94 parts and you will use them all but 1. On the chrome parts sprue you will end up with one lone tiny part and that’s the famous Buick Regal ornament hood.

Assembly of this model kit is very easy. From step 1 to 3 you’ll be putting together el motor (the engine). By step 15 you car is already decaled up. One can build this car in any color you wish. But to be a Hurst the car must be painted as seen on the pictures below. Black on top and silver on the bottom with the stripe lines marking the division of both colors. As with the story of this car, the subsequent model/year, the colors were inverted with Silver on top and Black on the bottom.


Question to our knowledgeable visitors:

Has this model kit been released in the past in some other version?

The reason for my questions is because I had a few ‘fisheye drops’ while painting on the roof area. While sanding down back to the bare plastic, I did notice on the roof the outline for what it looks to be the T-Tops.


The kit as a whole is a breeze to put together. The interior is well appointed so is the 307 V8 engine. There was some fiddling trying to match the chassis to the body but this is something to be expected and difficulty may vary from model to model.


My sincere thanks to Revell USA for the review sample.


George Collazo
George Collazo

George has been hosting review sites and blogging about toy collectibles, travel, digital photography and Nikon digital imaging since 1998. His first model kit build was a Testors 1/35 DODGE WC-54 in 1984.

  • Darin Bastedo

    To answer “question to our knowledgeable visitors:”

    Has this model kit been released in the past in some other version?

    The reason for my questions is because I had a few ‘fisheye drops’ while painting on the roof area. While sanding down back to the bare plastic, I did notice on the roof the outline for what it looks to be the T-Tops.

    Answer: No there is no previous version of this, but the ghosted t-tops are due to a future version being offered The FE3X Showcar

    • Darin, thanks so much for clarifying this. Your time taken to do it is well appreciated. I would love to see that version soon and have no doubts that our wishes will come true. Have nice weekend amigo.

  • Joey Gardner

    You did not pay any attention to the real details of an 83 hurst olds. The shifter knobs are black, no interior detail is present, glue marks on the windows, and why in the name of jesus is the air cleaner mold red? Did he not die for this kind of detail? How can one review what one does not understand? Good day sir, please up your ante on model cars, I try at my job, i recommend you do the same.
    Love, an actual owner of an 83 hurst olds that i actually built.

    • G’ day Joey, thanks so much for your comment. I do understand 100% your observations. I agree with them. But please do have in mind that this is not the only kit we have in the queue to be built. I don’t think that even you would be able to go over every detail when you get over 30+ model kits a month to be reviewed, photograph and write about them unless you cut some corners along the way. I wish I could dedicate the time to each of them as it was my only project for the next 10 to 30 hours and that’s without mentioning scale armor models which also do arrive.

      The details are there, yes, they might not have been properly addressed but the pictures do tell that this is indeed a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED KIT even if it was presented as a in-box review.

      Since according to you I can not review what I don’t understand, I really hope that you can understand what I wrote above and what kept some models to get the treatment they deserve. Believe me, I which I had the time to add spark plugs cables and everything in between.

      Have a great one!

      • madmodelr

        Please feel free to reach out to Me
        Whatever I can do to promote the Model Industry…
        Rob, the “MadModelr”

    • madmodelr

      Instead of being an Ass, & ragging this guy, why dont you submit something of yours.
      His work may not be perfect, at least he is trying.
      Try to be nicer to those building. In other
      words…Shut the fuck up if you cant be nicer

      • Hello madmodeler, as I wrote above to Scott Millican, I really appreciate your support my friend.

        You have a wonderful weekend.

        George Collazo

        • madmodelr

          No problem George.
          Being that I have been the box Art Builder for ERTL & Revell for over 30 years, I find that there will always be some no talent meathead that has nothing better to do that complain.
          While I do what I can when ever I can to promote the industry that I love.
          Yes, there times when I see an “Award” model that, in My opinion does not deserve the win.
          However, I try to offer, encourage the betterment of the build…Without being an ASS. We need to bring NEW, YOUNG blood into this great industry
          Thank You For your work
          As for mr. joey, ………..

    • Scott Millican

      Your momma never teach you the rule that if you haven’t got anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut.

      There is constructive criticism, and there is the drivel that comes out of your mouth.

      You sir are a Grade A Asshole!

      • Thanks so much for your support Scott. I never thought I would receive this kind of input but at the same time I was kind of prepared for it. Reviewing kits is a hobby I started within the hobby back in 2009. I’m open to constructive criticism but this was uncalled for. Actually the reason why I started posting here was the corrosive attitude that abound in many community forums. If you notice, there is a forum on this site. The software was launched an set-up but this is the reason I haven’t made it open for other visitors.

        If this person is actually real which I doubt, it would have been nicer is he had shared some of his ’83 Hurst and I would had gladly with his permission added them as reference and benefit of other model builders.

        I’ve been using Photoshop as a photographer for a living since version 5.5. I could have fixed those issues on the model in a jiffy. But I rather present my models here as they left the workbench to the studio. But well, these days some people prefer a lie over the truth.

        Thanks again very much for your support and encouragement.

        Have a wonderful weekend.
        George Collazo

        • Scott Millican

          He is just a typical troll. Probably can’t build models to begin with and lives vicariously through others, bitching at what they did wrong along the way.

          Life is too short, and not enough time to do everything I want with this hobby to waste on idiots like that.

      • madmodelr

        Well said