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REEDOAK Young Boy in 3D Print & resin!

Are you looking for lifelike figures? search no more, Reedoak is here to fill the gap in real-like figures!

Reedoak is a young company born in January 2015, and the company offer : 3D printed figures in different scales

Here is the latest product a Young Boy in WWII Era (very easy to use in other time, even with civil cars) with espadrille – rope soled shoes common of that time in Europe. This figure comes in 1/24, 1/35,1/48 and now in 1/72!


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Reedoak Young Boy 02a 03a 405940281.jpg young_boy_bcc_png young_boy_bcb_png

Pedro Negron
Pedro Negron

Started with modeling kits at age of 7 with the Monogram Missouri, continue at age of 12 with the Testor F-14 and many other kits until University, work and marriage put at stop at it. Now I’m back working with kits since 2010, and dealing with every type from Tanks to Scifi, and experimenting a lot with the paintings and weathering looking to achieve life-like models.