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Panzerjäger II für 7,5 cm Pak 40/2 Nuts and Bolts Volume 31

Authors – J Baschin & M Block
Editor – Heiner F. Duske
Artwork – Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo
Drawings – John L. Rue

This is a hefty book at 176 pages not including the heavier covers which also are used. A total of three hundred sixty five images are found of which one hundred ninety are archival. One hundred fifty five photographs of examples in museums. Captions are in depth and informative. The center of the book has scale plans and three quarter views drafted
by John L. Rue. These cover several variants. Carlos de Diego has fourteen color profiles with many (but not all) showing thumbnail images of the photographs on which they are based.  Of these, most have the page number where a larger size of the image can be found.

Text is included which provides a nice history, several tables and distribution charts, along with a bibliography. There is a preface with technical description, production chapter, variants, then next are the deployment, Camouflage and markings, and models. It is worth mentioning that the captions are most informative and the images (as well as the text section) covering the vehicle will come a long way towards detailing kits from Dragon, Italeri, Tamiya, and others in the smaller scales. The inner pages of the covers are used as a gallery for the modeling section by Tony Greenland & Vinnie Branigan. Their work are inspirational.

The bottom line is simple; this is a great book and will inspire many builds and hopefully a few aftermarket sets and kits. You can order the book directly from Nuts & Bolts and pay using PayPal, recipient being A great feature of using their web site is that they update things like photo captions.

Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia

I have been building models for most of my life. Suffering from terminal AMS, I have not been able to build OOB until my son’s birth and his room’s ceiling seemed empty.

  • Looks like a great reference book. I just rebuilt a Marder II using the older Tamiya MkII tank chassis and added the 7.5Cm Pak 40 with added armor. Look for it on my Facebook page of the same name and here along with all my other contributions.