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New Toyota AB Phaeton from Tamiya

The AB Phaeton was based on the AA model passenger car and adopted the convertible form of the Phaeton. Most were supplied to the army and very few made it into the hands of the public. From the windshield back, the AB model was completely different from the AA model; the rear doors opened towards the rear,and the rear seats were placed further towards the back. The AB model was produced from 1936 to 1938, and a total of 353 units were made. When it was launched, the sales price was 3,300 yen, 50 yen less than that of the AA model.

Presenting one of the newest addition to Tamiya’s catalog. The new Toyota AB Phaeton 35338 in 1/35 scale. There is little information about this exciting new model from Tamiya. Just a few ”leaked” pictures surfacing the web. Stay tuned for more on this announcement.

Jeannette Valle
Jeannette Valle

Jeannette has been working with semiconductors companies for the last 17 years. Active in Christian Spanish ministries around the Twin Cities. Avid but selective collector of Coca Cola memorabilia.