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New from Hasegawa – August, 2016

Fly to the fight, drive for the thrill!
With eight of the most lethal birds ever to take wing on offer this month, it’s easy to get carried away! There’s two birds from WWII and a host of the most innovative aircraft out there today—like the F-2 and a modernized Mi-24 Superhind. If you’re looking for something a little more down to earth, there’s also three cool new automobile kits out for you to work on this summer!

1/24 Lancia 037 Rally “Grifone” Limited Edition

Rally ’round the checkered flag

Introduced in 1982, the Lancia 037 Rally was a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive, race-optimized reworking of the popular Lancia Montecarlo. Although it was only used for a few racing seasons, it managed to score six major WRC victories in its brief career. In the 1984 Sanremo Rally, driver Fabrizio Tabaton took his Lancia 037 toward a fourth-place finish. A year later, Tabaton captured the Italian Rally Championship title.

1/72 F-15J Eagle Aggressor No.081 Limited Edition
1/72 F-15J Eagle Aggressor No.081 Limited Edition

Dedicated to superiority

When it took its first flight in July, 1972, there was little doubt that the F-15 Eagle would be an all-out success. But after 40 years in the air it remains one of the world’s most successful fighters with over 100 victories. The DJ Aggressor variant was built by Mitsubishi® as a two-seat trainer for the JASDF, which wanted a first-class aircraft that could mimic similarly painted Russian fighters.

1/32 Junkers Ju87D Stuka
1/32 Junkers Ju87D Stuka

Blitzkrieg bomber

Designed to deliver pinpoint devastation, the Stuka was one of the worlds most sophisticated and successful dive bombers. It included a feature that could automatically pull the aircraft out of a dive if the pilot blacked out, allowing death-defying 90 degree dives out of the clouds. Early models also mounted “Jericho Trumpets” on the fixed undercarriage. These wailing sirens were detrimental to the flight qualities of the aircraft but they unnerved Allied troops and became the sound of Blitzkrieg. Kit features a special re-issue of a limited edition kit.

Hasegawa has a nice selection of new model kits for August 2016.  They will appeal model kit builders of all subjects.
Click here to see the rest of their offerings coming soon to your favorite online retailers or brick and mortar hobby shops in your area.

Jeannette Valle
Jeannette Valle

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