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MPC Millenium Falcon WIP

Hey folks, here is a current side project I’m working on. Here is the Millenium Falcon from MPC. I’m adding some tiny pieces from my spare box. As some of you might know, the side walls on this kit are too thick and they will be replaced for stock styrene instead. As the story goes, the Millenium Falcon has been heavily modified by Captain Solo. This will be my humble version of the Millenium Falcon and I’m not really looking forward to building a 100% accurate screen model.

The new walls have been made in .30 styrene and 15mm tall. That almost lowered the ‘toy looking’ stock wall by almost 5mm’s. Now the fun begins by dressing those bare walls with armor left overs from my spare box.

If you like the subject, I’d like to invite you to this W.I.P. 🙂

UPDATE for January 15, 2015

Here is the latest progress on the AMT Millenium Falcon. The rear light strip was tested for fit. It is quite bright and the LED’s are rated at 12V but being used with a 9V battery. Going 12V can make them even brighter. I have been adding some bits and greeblies on the cockpit are and the other side is like a 1/4 done. I’m doing my best not to use greeblies that will require to commit the top and bottom halves to cement. This Falcon will be displayed in-flight and the 9V battery will be accessible thru the ramp.

Now, I hit a snag, I can’t remember where I placed the cockpit and I need it to take some measurements 🙁
In case I lost it, I found another Falcon at my local comic shop for $5.00. The box was all busted, the landing gear wheel wells are brush painted (badly) but other than that it is complete with no missing or cemented parts.

George Collazo
George Collazo

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