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Models by Hobbies in a Barn

Dear readers,

Thank you for viewing the attached photos of my re-issued 1/35th scale Revell/Italeri M7 Priest. This is about the 3rd Priest I have build as I have another version of the British 25Lb’er Howitzer in desert scheme as one of the versions.  Also you can see the Academy M18 Hellcat and the Italeri Elephant. Additonally I have include my AFV Club Dodge Weapons Carrier.

I have been building all sorts of scale models since the 1950s and now at 62 I have had the chance to retire and establish a Hobbies in a Barn Facebook page that I update occassionally for showing off all of my work. This is also a place to build and paint custom ordered kits that demanding hobby enthusiasts would want to have  but have little time.

Some of the tricks I have learned over many years are as follows;

  1. Painting with acrylic craft paints which match any military color and are water mix and cleanup.
  2. Using a hand hairdryer set on LOW heat that works to set the acrylic paint to an almost indestructable finish.
  3. Diorama bases made from recycled rubber products in the shape of stepping stones.
  4. Simple weathering techniques as seen on the photos of the Priest and figures.
  5. Various lighting techniques using my Nikon D40.

John Staehle

I have a fully equipped shop for the purpose of creating military diorama scenes as well as free-standing models. Additional projects include small modular railroad section construction.