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Miniart Personenwagen TYPE 170V Saloon

Mini-art its announcing a new version of his successful line of TYPE 170V saloon  Mercedes-Benz series,  the German military version of the Personenwagen. This vehicle was highly used as a staff car, even by the allies during and after the war.

The kit include a German figure, new decals and a new sprue including the extra parts for the military version. They are many version of this car, and Mini-art include many paint options to choose!

G F E1 E D C B A 35203_fig PEPaint_11 Paint_10 Paint_09 Paint_08 Paint_05 Paint_04 Paint_03 Paint_01



Pedro Negron
Pedro Negron

Started with modeling kits at age of 7 with the Monogram Missouri, continue at age of 12 with the Testor F-14 and many other kits until University, work and marriage put at stop at it. Now I’m back working with kits since 2010, and dealing with every type from Tanks to Scifi, and experimenting a lot with the paintings and weathering looking to achieve life-like models.