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Masterpiece Models’ 1/48th Russian Hexagon Tarmac/ SCIFI Display Base

With the return of Masterpiece Models to the original owner, several new welcome releases are now available from their shop.  One of these that caught my interest is the 48th scale Russian Hexagon display base.  The hexagons were CAD designed by Chris Benshoof while John Geigle completed the scene.MM48SovRunway01  In a simply and surprisingly light box, we find the 12 inch by 12 inch base.  It seems to be made of a resin foam as there is some easy to remove over pour but the detail side is perfect without any bubbles, voids, cracks, or other flaws.  The top layer is not foam but traditional resin.


The hexagonal blocks are reasonably level with each other but there is some variation which may well represent an aging air base.  A strip of soil is along one edge to add interest.   As the title states, it can be used for Sci-Fi scenarios as well.  The price is a competitive $19.95 USD for what is an unusal base on which to place your prized Soviet or Sci-Fi creation.


Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia

I have been building models for most of my life. Suffering from terminal AMS, I have not been able to build OOB until my son’s birth and his room’s ceiling seemed empty.