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Master Box “Indian Wars Series”: On the Great Plains in 1/35th Scale MB35189

Master Box “Indian Wars Series”: On the Great Plains in 1/35th Scale MB35189

By Shawn W. Gehling

Master Box’s release of this family as they travel to their next home is really nicely done, it is a diorama all in itself, or can be combined with other kits to make a much larger one. Hopefully we will see many other kits covering the “American Indian Wars”.

History: During the Indian Wars conducted from 1850-1890 The US Cavalry was tasked with keeping the indigenous people (Native American Indians) in line as the masses spread into the rough unsettled Western States and Territories. The local Indian Tribes often accepted the “White Man” into their lands but soon found out that they weren’t there to share the land, but to take it for their own. War broke out in numerous locations. Many tribes were scattered to live in new places or forced to live on reservations.

The Kit:

Contains 2 sprues with 45 pieces that have no flash.

It has three figures: The Brave (walking next to his horse and family), His Squaw (wife) riding the horse and carrying their child in a papoose. The Brave is carrying the “repeating rifle” as shown. They are dressed in “Buck Skin” clothing

It also contains one horse, which is dragging a litter with all their belongings. The horse also has the traditional blanket/hide instead of a saddle.

Conclusion: It appears that Master Box has another series, this one covering the US Indian Wars, and has lots of room for other sets in this time frame.

I highly recommend getting the Osprey “To Live and Die in the West – The American Indian Wars Written by Jason Hook and Martin Pegler. Illustrated by Christa hook, Peter Sarson, David Sque & Richard Hook. (This book put three of their previous books into one book). Osprey has numerous other books covering this era and different Indian Nations and their specific garb.

Overall this should build into an outstanding replica of a Brave and his family in search of a new home, and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys figures. I would like to thank Alexander Surzhenko of Master Box Models for the review kit.