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More exciting model kits from Hasegawa

This just in from Hasegawa USA. 3 Limited Edition exciting model kits. So pre-order yours before they are history.




  1. 1/72 Scale F-15SG Strike Eagle
    “Singapore Air Force”The F-15 Strike Eagle has one of the most storied histories of any
    currently operational American fighter aircraft. These fighters served
    with distinction in the Middle East, and its broad range of mission
    profiles encouraged Singapore to import it for use in their Air Force.
    Twenty-four of these aircraft have been purchased by Singapore so far.

    Kit Features:
    New antenna parts and decals fortwo aircraft:
    Singapore Air Force Code: 8320
    Singapore Air Force Code: 8302
    Total Parts: 166
    Skill Level: 3

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  2. 1/48 Scale F-104DJ
    Starfighter “207th Sq. Forest Camouflage”

    Although the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force flew the
    F-104DJ Starfighter for only twenty years, this Mitsubishi®-
    built dual-control trainer served with distinction. These
    specially made two-seat aircraft were used to train pilots from
    seven different JASDF squadrons, including the 207th Hikotai.
    Following two decades of supersonic glory, the F-104DJ was
    retired in 1986.

    Kit Features:
    New parts for the instrument panel,
    fuselage, cockpit and canopy
    Two decal marking options:
    1. JASDF 83.AW 207th Sq., Code: 36-5017
    2. JASDF 83.AW 207th Sq., Code: 46-5008
    Total Parts: 146
    Skill Level: 3

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  3. 1/72 Scale MV-22B Osprey
    “VMM-162 Golden Eagles”

    The latest US Marine Corps troop transport, the MV-22B Osprey combines
    the functions of a heli with the speed and range of a turboprop airplane.
    In 2006, Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 162 (VMM-162) became
    the USMC’s second operational Osprey squadron. Also known as the
    “Golden Eagles,” VMM-162’s achievements have included carrying U.S.
    Presidential candidates through Iraq in 2008 and helping Haiti after its
    tragic 2010 earthquake.

    Kit Features:

    Display stand parts
    • One decal marking option:
    1. US Marine VMM-162 “Golden Eagles,”
    Code: YS01, YS00
    Total Parts: 140
    Skill Level: 3

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Jeannette Valle

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