Hasegawa F-16F (Block 60) Fighting Falcon

George Collazo

George Collazo

George has been hosting review sites and blogging about toy collectibles, travel, digital photography and Nikon digital imaging since 1998. His first model kit build was a Testors 1/35 DODGE WC-54 in 1984.

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  • Build looks AMAZING George!

  • Glaarg!

    The F-16E/F is a virtually new design with resulting major variation in airframe features from even the preceding .50 series jets.

    The tail gondola is much broader, the landing gear is different, the lateral inlets alongside the intake trunking are closed off and the radome is both shorter and blended on a diagonal directly into the nose as the APG-80 AESA antenna is not designed to be repaired in the field.

    The Hasegawa kit is in fact a retread of a model first released in 1983 or so as an F-16A.15 OCU. As such, it suffers from a lot of prior-generation molding issues such as too broad/shallow hood flare and a resulting, overly wide, nose. With it’s separate radome, it is not and cannot be built as an F-16E/F.

    While the Kinetic kit is hounded for it’s own droop snoot outline issues and crude molding in places, it does have the correct and obvious identifying feature of the F-16E/F radome shape.

    My own opinion is that, with the dated nature of the Hasegawa, the quick and dirty level of engineering in the Kinetic and the excessively fiddly and unnecessary (no two seater) engineering of the Tamiya with it’s two part upper fuselage and various panel inserts; we have yet to see tooled the definitive, 1/48, F-16 model.

    Revell, you’re up!

    • George Collazo

      Thank you very much for your input Glaarg.