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GreenStrawberry, breaking the mold with Sci-Fi ‘After Market’

Along we are pleased to show some of the latest products released by our friends at GreenStrawberry.  Not too long ago this company started offering a set of photo etch grille set for the then new 1/44 Millenium Falcon from Bandai. A more comprehensive set for the Falcon (01616-1/144) was added to their catalog and the rest is history. Since then, Green Strawberry has been growing exponentially offering more high quality photo etch and transkits for our beloved Star Wars, Star Trek, Galactica, Insterstellar and other well known model kits in the hobby business.

All photo etched sets from Green Strawberry do come in a nicely designed packaging which tells me how much they care about their product presentation as well. Their photo etched sets for *my personal taste* are in the Goldilocks zone, not too thick, not too thin.

Their fit is outstanding on every single piece.

Unlike it has been commented on social media by an individual most likely afraid of serious competition, all the subjects are researched in my knowledge and personal observation as a model kit builder and Star Wars fan. In some instances and as with any model kit builder with ingenuity, Lukáš Zátopek, president of Green Strawberry, takes artistic license creating designs for goodies with little to no reference material available at all. Don’t have the means or materials for a dio? Green Strawberry comes to the rescue with sets like the Hangar Deck 01 (DP-01) and 1/72 Hangar Equipment vol.1 (02616-1/72 both pictured below.

Like a cherry on top of a Sunday, Green Strawberry is now offering masks for the Bandai Star Wars kits. Paying homage to their name, they are die-cut green masks. There’s a set for the 1/72 Bandai A-Wing Starfighter AM007-1/72, Tie Advanced x1 AM008-1/72, Tie Interceptor AM009-1/72. These sets have masks not only for the canopy but also for the model itself. Other mask sets will be joining the line soon.

Sci-Fi model kit manufacturers, if you’re looking for a high quality photo etch set to accompany that upcoming model kit or re-run of a previous model, don’t hesitate to contact Green Strawberry to make it a reality.

My best wishes to Lukáš in all his upcoming endeavors. Here’s a humble guy you can have a beer (or two) with. I can say that if I ever visit the Czech Republic, I have a place to visit.


This products are highly recommended and soon will be used in upcoming builds.

Warp Nacelles for Revell kit #04880

George Collazo
George Collazo

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