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Revell 1/29 X-Wing Fighter Kit No. 85-1894

There is not much to say about the Star Wars X-Wing Fighter that many if not all of you know about it at this point. This is the same Snap Tite™ X-Wing we did an in-box review little over a year ago. Even though they don't share the same scale, I thought many times to give it to my youngest son (19) to build it for display under a skylight in our office hallway. But

1/164 First Order Heavy Assault AT-M6 Walker Revell 85-1649

The All Terrain MegaCaliber Six (AT-M6), also known as the Gorilla Walker First Order Heavy Assault Walker or First Order AT-AT, was a mobile heavy artillery walker used by the First Order during their war with the Resistance. Much larger than the All Terrain Armored Transport used by the Galactic Empire, it was the biggest walker in the First Order's arsenal and featured a megacaliber six cannon mounted to its back,[2] for which it was

Ron Howard reshot Han Solo’s entire movie

Ron Howard’s work on Solo: A Star Wars Story reportedly involved reshooting just about the entire film, which may have doubled the tentpole’s budget. Over the summer, Lucasfilm shocked the entertainment industry when they fired original Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who were hired in 2015) after four months of filming due to creative differences. Shortly after, they hired Oscar-winner Howard to see the project across the finish line, and he’s been the

Final Season of Star Wars Rebels with Dave Filoni

After Disney bought Lucasfilm, the first new part of the Star Wars saga they produced was Star Wars Rebels. Early on the show defined what the franchise’s new canon would and could become in a post-George Lucas world. But now, just as the movies are getting ready for their second act, Rebels is ready for its final one. For its first three seasons, executive producer Dave Filoni and his team have told the story of Ezra