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Bandai continue to expand his 1/72 scale line of Star Wars Ships, this time brings us the long awaited Tie Interceptor. The kit include the pilot that can be pose as open or close cabin, decals, laser shots, and a stand. History of the Tie Interceptor* This particular fighter was the direct result of advancements developed for Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 Prototype. Faster, more maneuverable, and far more lethal than the standard TIE/LN Fighter. The Interceptor used

Revell Master Series 1/48 Tie Fighter

TIE -Twin Ion Engine- series starfighters shared a general design form of a roughly spherical or cylindrical cockpit pod attached to a set of solar panels. The cockpit and panels could be supplemented by other modules for ordnance or other functions. Their overall design bore a large resemblance to the Human eye, which led to several members of the Rebel Alliance, including those of Rogue Squadron, to give them nicknames relating to eyes (such as

1/72 Thunderbird S Takara Tomy

From the new  Thunderbird Shadow, Takara Tomy brings us the Thunderbird Shadow model kit! A little information thanks to Thunderbird S, with "S" standing for "Shadow", is a top secret International Rescue aircraft. Coloured black and rarely used, little is known regarding the enigmatic craft, and that is exactly how its pilot, Kayo, would presumably wish for it to stay. Although considered a Thunderbird, it is not used primarily for rescue missions like the main five, and

Star Wars Battle Droid and Stap 1/12 Scale Bandai Model Kit

On the Tokyo international toy show 2016, Bandai revealed this jewel, the battle Droid with the Stap from the episode one movie from Star Wars Saga. As you can see in the pictures the kit is huge in 1/12 scale, even more in that clear stand that is also included on the model kit. Others features as well its the super articulation of the figure, you can pose in any way as shown on the

AMT 1/25 Batwing

The Batwing was Batman's custom-built air combat vehicle. The craft was fully armed with miniguns and missiles. It is unknown where the vehicle was stored, but it was presumably kept somewhere near the grounds of Wayne Manor or in the Batcave. Batman's first known use of the Batwing was after Joker's rise to power, during his takeover of Gotham's 200th Anniversary Parade. Batman used it to dispose of the Joker's balloons filled with "Smylex" gas

Photo etch set for Moebius Batmobile

Our friends over at Green Strawberry are working hard expanding their catalog. They just sent in a teaser picture of the photo etch set currently in the works. This photo etch set is for the recently released Batman vs Superman Batmobile kit # 964 from Moebius models. There is no release date at this moment but we will keep you all posted as soon as it becomes available.

Detail set for Bandai 1/72 Y-Wing Starfighter

If you saw the photo etch set for the 1/144 Bandai Millenium Falcon, you will love what the folks at Green Strawberry have cooked for us for the 1/72 Bandai Y-Wing Starfighter. This is the Green Strawberry set BTL A-4 Y-Wing Starfighter 01515-1/72. The fret measures around 4''x4'' and is packed with great detail for the canopy, cockpit interior, landing gear wells and even a boarding ladder. I like all the areas this set is

Revell 1/29 X-Wing Starfighter

Rebel forces used these powerful fighters in intense space dogfights throughout the Galaxy in the second trilogy of Star Wars™ movies. Everywhere these strike ships went they helped turn the tide in the favor of the rebels. From blowing up Death Stars (twice) to ferrying Luke to his rendezvous with Yoda, it was the humble X-wing that did it all. Now you can help build up the strength of the Rebel Alliance with this Revell

Tatiana’s Vanship and Fam’s Vespa

Last Exile (ラストエグザイル Rasuto Eguzairu?) is a Japanese animated television series created by Gonzo. It featured a production team led by director Koichi Chigira, character designer Range Murata, and production designer Mahiro Maeda. The three had previously worked together in Blue Submarine No. 6, one of the first CG anime series. Last Exile aired on TV Tokyo between April 7, 2003 and September 29, 2003. A sequel series, Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- (ラストエグザイル~銀翼のファム~

Built! Bandai 1/144 Millenium Falcon

I was finally able to call the Bandai 1/144 model kit done a week and a half ago. But being involved with other sponsored projects kept me from taking the pictures. Here you have it! The most sought after model kit from Bandai followed I'd say by the 1/72 Y-Wing Starfighter has been the heck of a ride over the last 2 months and a half. As you most likely know, the Bandai Millenium Falcon this

Revell Kylo Ren’s Shuttle MAX

The First Order’s top officers travel in Upsilon-class command shuttles that look like grim birds of prey. These ships’ massive wings are packed with defensive systems to protect their valuable passengers. The upper wings contain advanced sensor suites that scan for enemies, while the lower wings house efficient shield projectors and powerful jammers. Upon landing, the wings rise from flight mode and then retract, encasing the upper wings’ sensor arrays in thick armor. Revell MAX Kylo

Revell 1/72 Snap-Tite MAX Millenium Falcon

This is the 1/72 Scale Star Wars Millennium Falcon(TM) - Predecorated SnapTite® Max Model Kit by Revell from the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie. At first glance this Millenium Falcon model kit looks like the previous iterations from Revell. But there are a few differences besides the rectangular radar dish featured in the Force Awakens so read below. This is the 1/72 Millenium Falcon from Revell kit 85-1822.  It is the most recent iteration of the