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Master Box – Dangerous Curves Series – Sloan – Vegas Baby, in 1/24th Scale Kit # MB24020

Master Box - Dangerous Curves Series – Sloan - Vegas Baby, in 1/24th Scale Kit # MB24020   By Shawn W. Gehling Ok Guys, you know that beautiful woman are the only thing that can make your cars look better, well here they are. This kit represents a girl standing with her hand on her hip and the other on a great looking Muscle or Sports car. She is dressed in a tight fitting short dress, The box art is

Hasegawa 1/35 Hitachi Zaxis 135US Excavator

Hitachi Zaxis 135us - Hasegawa - HSGS6601 - 1:35 Hasegawa has launched his second kit based on the Hitachi Double Arm Working Machine ASTACO  from 2015 this time the Hitachi Z Axis 135. Built to be  ultrashort excavator, is perfect for contractors working in and around obstacles.  It's built for heavy jobs with powerful cabling, a big bucket, a backfill blade standard in all models and the tight operating radius to get the job done virtually anywhere. The

Dioramas Plust DP24 – Fall of Berlin 1945

Dioramas Plus - Fall of Berlin 1945 in 1/35th Scale, Kit # DP24 By Shawn W. Gehling If you have not heard of Dioramas Plus or Randy Pepprock the founder and owner, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Check out his website and you will see why: Dioramas Plus was formed in the fall of 2008. The owner, Randy Pepprock, has been in the hobby industry for over 15 years manufacturing architectural miniatures for model railroads

Master Box Models – Marshal Jessie in 1/24th scale

Master Box Pin-up (Marshal Jessie) in 1/24th Scale Kit # MB24018 By Shawn W. Gehling Howdy partner, this here is the law around these parts, so you had better behave or Jessie will be locking you up in the local jail. The Kit: Contains 1 sprue with 27 pieces that have no flash. Conclusion: Master Box has provided you with and old west law (woman) to keep all those Cowboys in line. Everything that Marshal Jessie is wearing and carrying is

Master Box Models – Thunder Spirit, in 1/24th scale

Master Box Pin-up (Thunder Spirit) in 1/24th Scale Kit # MB24019 By Shawn W. Gehling This figure is of a beautiful Native American Warrior Princess, she is ready for battle carrying a tomahawk and shield. An outstanding looking figure that will build and paint up to look great. The Kit: Contains 1 sprue with 15 pieces that have no flash. Conclusion: Master Box has done it again with another excellent looking figure. The various Native American Tribes wore different colors

Star Wars R2-D2 Boeing 787-900 by Pas Decals

Star wars or commercial airliners fans are gonna love this new set of decals for the line of Boeing in 1/144 by Pas Decals from Russia. Intended for the Zvezda models, but may work to the Revell version too,  you can make a fantastic representation of the 2015 repainted Boeing 787 Dreamliners from the ANA Airlines from Japan. Take a look to this fantastic Decal Sheet!    

GreenStrawberry, breaking the mold with Sci-Fi ‘After Market’

Along we are pleased to show some of the latest products released by our friends at GreenStrawberry.  Not too long ago this company started offering a set of photo etch grille set for the then new 1/44 Millenium Falcon from Bandai. A more comprehensive set for the Falcon (01616-1/144) was added to their catalog and the rest is history. Since then, Green Strawberry has been growing exponentially offering more high quality photo etch and transkits

Italeri Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole

The Lamborghini Countach is a mid-engined, V12 sports car produced by Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini from 1974 to 1990. Its design pioneered and popularized the wedge-shaped, sharply angled look popular in many high-performance sports cars. It also popularized the "cab forward" design concept, which pushes the passenger compartment forward to accommodate a larger rear-mounted engine. The Countach was styled by Marcello Gandini of the Bertone design studio, the same designer and studio that designed the


ICM lines of Military Sentinels figures continue to grow, this time with a US Marine. The figure is dresses with the famous  "Dress Blue" that is very well recognized for ceremonies, recruitment, and in other activities were formality is necessary like Honor Guard. This dress  is equivalent in composition and use to civilian black tie.  The Honor guard from the Marine Corps use a M1 Garand rifle, Army, Navy and Air Force use a M-16. 

NEW Revell 1/25 Chevy Beretta Pro Street

The Pro Street Beretta has almost nothing in common with the cars you find on the street. The original is a sweet ride, but the Pro Street version is all muscle. It's equipped with a 700 horsepower supercharged V-8 engine that delivers more muscle per mile than anything the original can dish out. Plus, with its tube frame and rear-wheel drive, there is simply no comparison. Drop in a nitrous oxide system in, and it's

Academy 1/35 Magach 7c ”Gimmel”

Magach 6/7 is a series of Israeli tanks, based on the American M60 Patton Tanks. From the 1970s, the M60s were upgraded in a number of areas including the addition of an Israeli-developed thermal sleeve for the 105 mm gun, the addition of Israeli-developed explosive reactive armour, installation of a new Urdan commander’s cupola (also adopted by the US Army for its M48A5 tanks), two roof-mounted 7.62 mm machine guns and the Israel Military Industries