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1/32 Revell Fw190 F-8 (Build Log UPDATE)

I was excited when I heard that Revell was going to introduce yet another kit in 1:32. I have been impressed with their Uhu and with their Bf109s. I am also very pleased at the price…I paid less than $30 (delivered) for this. Once I got the kit in the mail, I inspected the sprues and was was very taken with the quality and detail. My experience with their 109s is that the fit would/should be good for the 190.

See this model kit finished here.

I started with fixing up the cockpit and liked the detail. Fit of the pieces were great…too bad, most of it will be covered up. I decided not to expose the engine, but the detail was outstanding. The fit was very good as the exhausts lined up perfectly. Next was the only tricky part…buttoning up the cowling…here is where the fit is not exactly perfect, but with some finesse and patients, the fit was more than satisfactory. I’ve masked off the canopy and the cockpit and will enter the painting stages soon.

UPDATE FOR 8/5/2015

I had some time to update my Fw190 the past few days and wanted to send an update:

I spent some time on the Butcher Bird over the weekend. Over the base RLM 65 (Hellblau), I applied RLM 75 (GrauViolet) and RLM 74 (GreyGreen). After applying some flat black near the exhaust panels up front, I applied some RLM 75 for the area of the fuselage for the german cross. I am very pleased at how this is turning out. Especially when I removed the masks covering the Camel Yellow areas…. I need to now apply decals (Eagle Editions) and washes….more to follow in a week or two.


1/32 Trumpeter Me-262 W.I.P.

Well, I am off and running with my next project. The Me-262 from Trumpeter in 1/32 scale. I just started with the cockpit and so I thought I would show you. Speaking of cockpits; do you know how that term got started? It is a left over from old sailing ships. The place where the ship was piloted was a round pit built into the deck. It reminded the crews of the pits they used for cock fights. So, they called it a cockpit. In WW1, the place where the pilot would sit and control the airplane was just a hole cut in the fuselage and so the term was reborn for airplanes. LOL, I am just full of useless trivia!

I am using a Walk-around book to help me with the colors etc. Have a good week. Two weeks from Thursday, we will be going to Lakeland, Florida to watch the Thunderbirds perform. I haven’t seen them since they were flying F-4’s. Have a good rest of the week.

UPDATE FOR April, 14 2015

Hi again, I am still working on the Me-262 and as you can see from the pictures, I have a bit of the interior done. I am finding out with this model that nothing fits right. If there is a slot and a tab they have to be worked on to make them fit. Holes have to be made bigger or the pin won’t go in it. I also put the white 8 on the nose wheel door too soon because it is up too high and part of it doesn’t show. I may take it off and do Red 4 instead.


UPDATE FOR April, 15 2015

Here are the latest pictures.  I am done with the nose wheel well for now.  The next step is to start building the engines.  I am pleasantly surprised that it does not say to put any additional weight in the nose.  Most tricycle gear models are tail heavy.  I still intend to put a little weight in the nose.  I did scrape off the white 8 and made it into red 4.

UPDATE: MAY 12, 2015

Hey George,
I have a real problem. That Trumpeter model of the Me – 262 is a piece of junk. Nothing fits together. The engine nacelles have big gaps in the parts and I tried to put the two halves of the fuselage together and they won’t come together. I can not make it. I know you put it on your website but I am going to have to give up on it. I found out that Hasegawa makes one in a night fighter version. I am going to get it because I really like the aircraft. I think it was the best looking fighter till the F-86 came along. I am terribly sorry to ruin that website. I hope I didn’t cause too much trouble. The next one on the list is the Revell 1/32 He-219 A-7.

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MPC Millenium Falcon WIP

Hey folks, here is a current side project I’m working on. Here is the Millenium Falcon from MPC. I’m adding some tiny pieces from my spare box. As some of you might know, the side walls on this kit are too thick and they will be replaced for stock styrene instead. As the story goes, the Millenium Falcon has been heavily modified by Captain Solo. This will be my humble version of the Millenium Falcon and I’m not really looking forward to building a 100% accurate screen model.

The new walls have been made in .30 styrene and 15mm tall. That almost lowered the ‘toy looking’ stock wall by almost 5mm’s. Now the fun begins by dressing those bare walls with armor left overs from my spare box.

If you like the subject, I’d like to invite you to this W.I.P. 🙂

UPDATE for January 15, 2015

Here is the latest progress on the AMT Millenium Falcon. The rear light strip was tested for fit. It is quite bright and the LED’s are rated at 12V but being used with a 9V battery. Going 12V can make them even brighter. I have been adding some bits and greeblies on the cockpit are and the other side is like a 1/4 done. I’m doing my best not to use greeblies that will require to commit the top and bottom halves to cement. This Falcon will be displayed in-flight and the 9V battery will be accessible thru the ramp.

Now, I hit a snag, I can’t remember where I placed the cockpit and I need it to take some measurements 🙁
In case I lost it, I found another Falcon at my local comic shop for $5.00. The box was all busted, the landing gear wheel wells are brush painted (badly) but other than that it is complete with no missing or cemented parts.