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Mission Models Hobby Paints on Cyber-Hobby FERDINAND 150100

Ferdinand was a heavy assault tank designed by Porsche and built by Nibelungenwerke, especially for the needs of the Eastern Front. Ferdinand’s design was based on Porsche’s Tiger – VK 4501(P) prototype which proved to be prone to mechanical failures and was rejected in favour of Henschel’s prototype. It was decided to utilize 90 of the pre-production chassis for another project. First proposal was to convert them into carriers for 150mm or 170mm heavy howitzers

A look at Tamiya’s XF-84 & XF-85

A not too long time ago in not a galaxy too far away Tamiya added a colors to their mini jars paint chart. They were colors suited for British and Japanese modelling subjects. Soon local hobby shops and online retailers updated their paint racks with these news Tamiya colors. However this didn't happen with the colors below as it did with the British and Japanese colors. By the time this entry was drafted, many known online

Zoukei Mura Pro Zetsu Nippers

This is now my favorite tool to cut parts free from the sprue… After seeing some lively discussions on side cutters as used for plastic modelling, I found two camps formed between users of Tamiya and those using Xuron products. Not having a Tamiya side cutter, I fell into the latter having a Xuron knock-off, Testors Modelmaster (made by Xuron) sprue cutter, and Xuron’s 2175ET professional sprue cutter. For me, the test is how cleanly it


For those of you rabid fans, you are looking at the actual "Korner" in "Justin's Modelling Korner!" That's right, I know you can't believe that you are really seeing where so, so much magic happens, but, more importantly, you are getting a look at the latest offerings from Verlinden Productions!!! Check it out. Leave some troll-y comments about how my voice sounds girlie if you want, or just watch the video and see some of the

Justin’s MUST-HAVE Modeling Xmas Gifts: #1 – The Small Shop’s 5 Speed, 5.5″ Photo-Etch Work Station

MUST-HAVE XMAS GIFT #1 - The Small Shop's "5 Speed" 5.5-inch Photo-Etch Workstation The big question that never gets spoken aloud in the modeling world is: To photo-etch or not to photo-etch? Whether you've read a million build-logs or watched every armor "How-To" video on YouTube that you could ever find—this question is about as hush-hush as where D-Day was supposed to happen in May of 1944 (historical, model-builder referencing for ya!)... In all these things nobody

MIG AMMO World War I Paint Sets Review

This year is, of course, the centenary of the start of the Great War. A lot of model and model accessory companies have already begun to acknowledge this gruesome hundredth-year anniversary with complementary kits and paints specific to the colors of what would later become known as World War I (or the First World War for our British friends, and IWW for most of Europe (I'm pretty sure...)). Right now I am going to pay attention

Everything You Need to Start Modeling Pt. II of II

Hello! How's everybody doing? Just here to— What do you mean where have I been? I've been right— Well, I was gonna write, like, tons of articles—in fact, I've got them all written already, like, I just have to upload them into the... Mother... base(?) and then like BOOOOOM, they're gonna be so many articles written by me that you're gonna wish that you were never even born! I mean... ugh... I don't know why that would make you wish you were never

The Beginner’s Toolbox or Everything You Need to Start Modeling (pt. 1 of 2 (Hopefully))

"I know, I know, it hasn't been that long since we last spoke to each other, it's just that... I guess I sort of felt bad the way I left things. And I know that The Game tells me that I should wait at least seven days before trying to contact you again, but—no, wait! Don't hang up! C'mon Baby, I know I upset you leaving the way I did what with that last post and all,

Choosing Your First Model!!!

Now, I imagine that you like things, maybe even enough to have general interest in these things, and maybe even enough of that interest to have some knowledge of these things that you are interested in. I only say all of this because I have known plenty of people who say that they are "so into" something, let's say a band just for example, and you too are also "so into" this same band, so you

How to Start Modeling for Beginning Beginners Guide to Starting

The reason I wanted to start writing about modeling is that I am really (really) not that good at it. Okay, that's not entirely true, I'm decent at it. Since I finished my first model, which is the featured pic right there on this page, it's probably been just over a year, and in that year I have completed about 20 other models. Does not make me an expert by any means, but also not

New Alclad 2 Airbrushes

This just in from our friends over at Red Frog Hobbies: Red Frog Hobbies has been selected as one of the distributor of the new line of airbrushes from Alclad 2 in the USA.  The technical specs are as follow:         Alclad single action Internal mix Item Number: ALC-9200 Description: Alclad Accurate Airbrush is the simple to use fine spray airbrush. Single action simplicity-Internal mix fine dot color atomization. Excellent for fine scale model finishing. Sprays from 0.5mm to 2"

Moisture Trap for your Airbrush

I came across these disposable filters by mere coincidence. My stepfather uses them for his air tools and huh! They might work equally with my airbrush compressor I thought. I run my AZTEK airbrushes with an old Badger (80-2) diaphragm air compressor. Its old, its noise but knock on wood, this airbrush compressor runs where 2 of those made in China ones have died on my hands. My airbrush sessions are very long, especially during