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Photo etch sets from Matho Models

We do not know if our fellow model builders out there have noticed. Many of our after market resin, photo etch and other media items either for our aircraft, automobile and other military subjects come from the other side of the pond. Places like the Czech Republic, Poland and Belgium are consistently making our modeling experience even better. At the same time, they as after market developer are getting to know our needs and work hard to bring us the best quality products they can provide.

We just got these in from the folks at Matho Models in Belgium and we wanted to share them here. Matthias from Matho Models not only designs his own line of products but also the packaging and product presentation. The packaging is excellent but if the product inside is subpar? Well, the production samples submitted to us by Matho Models are of excellent quality and the detail is crisp as one would expect from this media. The cardboard insert keep the frets from getting bent.

Below we present close-up pictures of their production samples. Please click on the pictures for a larger version of them.

Note from the Author

We have been following Matho’s product line and they are constantly adding new items to their catalog. We suggest you to sign up for their newsletter.
Nice subject matter and highly recommended!

Our sincere thanks to Matho Models for the review samples.


Matho Models Hinges (B) 35030

Matho Models Hinges (B) 35030


Metal Buckets 35002

Matho Models Metal Buckets 35002

Matho Models Manhole Covers 35031

Matho Models Manhole Covers 35031

Matho Models Metal Fence (set A) 35016

Panzer Art RE35-021 Cooler Mask for Sd.Kfz.Kfz.9 FAMO

Panzer Art has been making resin and photo-etched brass detail items for several years now. I recently acquired some sets for my Tamiya Sd.Kfz. 9 Famo. One of these items is Panzer Art’s grill (called cooler mask on their site). The other set is for the Dragon Sd.Kfz. 7 series which I will review separately. Inside a resealable plastic bag with a cardboard header, we find one resin part, exquisitely molded.


Paper Panzer Productions PPP35010 Jagdpanzer IV (V) Final Conversion


Paper Panzer Productions lineup includes conversions & PE details, mostly for vehicles that did not make it into widespread service.  However, this is one of the exceptions.  This set is a conversion for Dragon’s latest Jagdpanzer IV (V) to convert it into the final variant.


Inside a ©Ziploc style bag with a paper header, we find five items.  On the left is the replacement roof (compare to the kit item in the next photograph).  On the right side, in clockwise order from the top, are retainer tabs for the roof’s sight cover, replacement gun cradle, replacement trnamission inspection hatches.  In the photo, one of the retainer tabs came loose.


Below, we see the replacement roof in place on the kit part.  This is usually worrisome as many producers use a resin which shrinks.  This one does not.  Note that gliuing the part in will eliminate the tiny gaps you see.  Kit parts are used to complete the roof as before.



The replcement gun cradle next to the kit item.  The locking pins are better defined on the resin utem (as they should be).


This photograph illustrates the tiny amount of clean up required to remove flash from the handles molded on to the replacment transmission inspection hatches.


Here I have press fit one of the hatches on the kit part to see the final result.  It is a tight fit so a few light passes with a sanding stick (I use stepSanders) will make it easier to install.


This is a wonderful set which will allow one to model a late (January to March 1945) Jagdpanzer IV (V) L/70.  For me this is good since I had planned to make the changes myself after finding an image of a Jagdpanzer with ‘mother elephant’ markings in Leichte Jagdpanzer (page 151) by Spielberger.

[Updated March 1st, 2015 – I’ve been notified that Paper Panzer Productions will now include the curved exhaust hoods frequently found during this production run of the Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (V).]

Meng Plastic Barrier Set (New!)

Traffic barriers, which are usually used to keep vehicles within their roadway or protect temporary work areas, have become a simple, cheap and fast deployable solution for the defense against terrorist attacks such as suicide attacks and car bombs. Both concrete barriers and plastic water-filled barriers have been the symbols of heavily defended urban zones in modern local wars and anti-terrorism wars.

This 1/35 scale Concrete & Plastic Barrier Set SPS-012 consists of 21 parts:

  • 4 concrete barriers (with outworn surfaces)
  • 1 mold (for modelers to make concrete barriers with gypsum)
  • 2 plastic water-filled barriers
  • 3 cone barriers and 2 cone bases (for replicating cones stacked up).

This is the latest release from Meng Models from their Supplies Series. The recently released 1/35 Concrete and Plastic Barriers is a must for modern armor diorama builders. This is a single sprue kit with instructions printed on the back of the box. The molding is very clean free of flash with almost no visible molding lines.

What a nice touch, Meng added a 2 halves mold so the model builder can create as many concrete barriers as he/she needs. While the provided concrete barrier have molded on worn details, the mold features a clean surface. That means that it is up to the model builders to create their own worn out details making every concrete barrier unique.

Note from the Author

This kit comes with a MSRP of $12.99 (USD). That’s way more affordable than a similar subject in resin media.

Highly Recommended!

Review Sample courtesy of my wallet and purchased from my good friends at Scale Models Supplies in St. Paul, MN.

Italeri T-136 Tracks for M108 / M109

For many years, Italeri’s M108 and M109 series were the only kits available of this vehicle. Last year, Tamiya released the Italeri kit under their name so now, Italeri have released a track set for their own series, while Friul Models has two sets designed for the Italeri kit series but are of later designs. Recently, both AFV Club and Kinetic Models released variants under their names. AFV Club has released a set of tracks for their model while Skunk Models have released a set for Kinetic Models.

Within a side opening box, we find a bag with four identical sprues and an instruction sheet. The sprues include tracks and a jig on each. In my sample, three of the jigs came loose in transit but were within the bag. The rear of the box shows the Italeri variants to which these tracks apply.

Looking at the instructions, they cover assembling the tracks but nothing about what must be done to the base kit to adjust the tracks for best fit. The plastic is soft and easily cut, filed and cemented. I highly recommend using a thicker glue, such as Testors Model Master in the hypodermic dispenser, for assembly.

Hotter glues may cement the tracks to the jig. The tracks are in both link and lengths. The links must be assembled to articulate around the drive sprockets and idlers.

The jigs are designed to slide into each other, I glued them together instead. This allowed me to place the track pad sides first, then the track pins. Care must be taken as both sides of the track pin end connectors are not the same. I had a length of the track to help me orient the pins as I worked. Assembly was quick after sanding off the sprue attachment points. This was easy due to the soft plastic used.

I no longer have any of the Italeri kits and never bought the Kinetic Model kit so I tested it on the only M109 I have which is from AFV Club. The fit was very good but I noted that the tracks were getting stiff as though the glue went onto the pins even though I was careful.

Note from the Author
This is a nice and simple track whose vices are the soft plastic used and the missing details form the edges of the end connectors. I have considered making a jig to use with my beading tool but really am not looking forward to it.

I do prefer plastic and resin tracks over metal so these will be used on my kit since it does correct something I did not like about the tracks on the AFV Club kit. The vinyl M109 tracks have raised ridges on the inner face which would make for an uncomfortable ride for the crew.
See comparison photos above.

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