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Trumpeter Soviet Aerosan RF-8/GAZ-98

The Russians used aerosans for reconnaissance and light raiding in northern areas where their light plywood skis allowed them to move quickly over the deep snow where other heavy vehicles would be unable to move at all.   However they were lightly powered and so could only be used on open country or frozen lakes as they had poor hill climbing ability. The GAZ-98 was developed in 1942 and is powered by a GAZ-M1 truck engine

Paper Panzer Productions etched Casting Symbols incl. German Factory Markings

  Paper Panzer Productions is a new company from Belgium which has released several unique and interesting resin detail and conversion sets for 1/35th scale models.  This is their first etched set.  Product PPP35012 arrives in a © Ziploc type bag with a paper header stapled to it. There are no instructions. Inside we find a fairly large sheet packed with numerals and letters.  These are protected by plastic sheets on both sides.   While I peeled them

Vulcan Models Ordnance QF 2 Pounder Mark IX Carriage Mark II

Vulcan Models' 1/35th Scale Ordnance QF 2 Pounder Mark IX Carriage Mark II Kit Number 56001 Scale   1-35 MSRP $29.99 (USD) The Kit I ordered three of these kits directly from Asia and they arrived quickly. The box art (by an artist named Fleischer) is well done and on either side a suggested finishing scheme was illustrated using colored CAD drawings. The instructions were underneath the sprues and well illustrated on a glossy paper. The first impression was quite

German Telemeter KDO Mod.40

The Kommandogerät 40 was a director used principally for large anti-aircraft guns, such as the 8.8cm Flak.36 or the 10.5cm Flak.40. Introduced by the German military in 1941 this small director was used by all three services and could be modified for use with almost any anti-aircraft weapon. In the field the director used a 5-man crew, two men are required to input azimuth and elevation data. A third man sets the slant range by