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Miniart 35200 – U.S. Soldiers at Rest is a five-figure, injection-moulded set in 1/35th scale. This set, which is molded in light-grey styrene on two small sprues that include 6 parts, containing 79 parts.
The subject of the set show a set of soldiers playing cards, one reading a newspaper or magazine, one laying on his back smoking and another one sleeping. This set can be built to recreate a stand alone scene or to improve the life of a vehicle. The set comes in the usual end-opening box with a incredible artwork on the front. The reverse of the box serves as the instructions and painting guide. Color references are given for Vallejo, Testors, Tamiya, Humbrol, Revell & Mr. Color.

    Kit Highlights
    • One figure laying back, smoking a cigarette
    • One figure sleeping
    • One figure sitting on his helmet reading a magazine
    • Two figures laying back and playing cards
    • Each figure has a parts tree containing helmet, canteen, folded shovel, M1 Garrand, and M1 carbine


Paper Panzer Productions PPP35010 Jagdpanzer IV (V) Final Conversion


Paper Panzer Productions lineup includes conversions & PE details, mostly for vehicles that did not make it into widespread service.  However, this is one of the exceptions.  This set is a conversion for Dragon’s latest Jagdpanzer IV (V) to convert it into the final variant.


Inside a ©Ziploc style bag with a paper header, we find five items.  On the left is the replacement roof (compare to the kit item in the next photograph).  On the right side, in clockwise order from the top, are retainer tabs for the roof’s sight cover, replacement gun cradle, replacement trnamission inspection hatches.  In the photo, one of the retainer tabs came loose.


Below, we see the replacement roof in place on the kit part.  This is usually worrisome as many producers use a resin which shrinks.  This one does not.  Note that gliuing the part in will eliminate the tiny gaps you see.  Kit parts are used to complete the roof as before.



The replcement gun cradle next to the kit item.  The locking pins are better defined on the resin utem (as they should be).


This photograph illustrates the tiny amount of clean up required to remove flash from the handles molded on to the replacment transmission inspection hatches.


Here I have press fit one of the hatches on the kit part to see the final result.  It is a tight fit so a few light passes with a sanding stick (I use stepSanders) will make it easier to install.


This is a wonderful set which will allow one to model a late (January to March 1945) Jagdpanzer IV (V) L/70.  For me this is good since I had planned to make the changes myself after finding an image of a Jagdpanzer with ‘mother elephant’ markings in Leichte Jagdpanzer (page 151) by Spielberger.

[Updated March 1st, 2015 – I’ve been notified that Paper Panzer Productions will now include the curved exhaust hoods frequently found during this production run of the Jagdpanzer IV L/70 (V).]

Bravo 6 Figures from the movie Fury

Presented in different poses, seated and standing, Bravo 6 has released the 3 set of the resin figures from the movie Fury in 1/35th scale. All three sets look amazing judging by the pictures from Bravo 6. The likeness on sculpt of Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan (Shia LaBeouf) looks absolutely amazing. The figure sets breakdown is as follows:

1/35 Bravo 6 Figures from the movie Fury

  •  B6-35108
    U.S. Tank Commander (set 1) 1944-45
  •  B6-35109
    U.S. Tank Crew (set 2) 1944-45
  •  B6-35110
    U.S. Tank Crew (set 3) 1944-45

Now, where’s my 1/35 Tasca Sherman in this mess…