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Built 1/72 Academy F-4J Phantom II

So, here is my 1:72 Academy F-4J. I was intrigued by this kit, as I have built their 1:48 offering and wanted to see if the two scales were on the same par. The kit appears to be marketed toward a younger crowd with the snap-tite features, but I noticed that it could easily be touched up a bit to satisfy the more experienced modeler. I purchased some Eduard PE for the cockpit and seats. I was very pleased how they turned out. It would have been nice if the canopy had the option to be opened, so that one can see the interior. I suppose I could have cut the canopy, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble this go round.

Built Academy F-4J 1/72 Model Kit

See the preview of the 1/72 Academy F-4J here.

I decided to have the gear up as I will have this hanging from the ceiling. I like the fact that there were decals for this kit, as the stickers would have not been an option. But the stenciling in 1/72 took me a lot of time.

I really enjoyed building this kit and highly recommend it. I would like to see them do and RF-4C in this scale with this level of detail…or even an F-4B.