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MONZO – Digital Model Kits

Hello, please, allow me to introduce our new project MONZO – Digital Model Kits. Most of us (in MADFINGER Games) in early years of our lifes spent lot of time by gluing and painting scale models. Now, there is lack of time to build models like in those all good days....


Ludwig’s Modeler’s Library

Dear fellow modelers As a model kit builder since over 40 years I became confronted sometimes with missing assembly manuals. But very often also just with the curiosity how the one or the other model is built or how it looks like. Or simply the fun to glance through such...

Airfix – Avro Lancaster B.III Dambursters 1/72 0

Airfix – Avro Lancaster B.III Dambursters 1/72

Superb model kit from Airfix. It took me about 2 months to conclude, but it was worth it. I bought it on a shop ( with really good prices. Recommend Airfix for all the enthusiasts. Hope you enjoy this work.

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