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Atlantis Models UFO Encounters Monument Valley

Those who follow the U.F.O. phenomena are no strangers to incidents and reports of Unidentified Flying Objects in Nevada, Utah and literally all the states. But Monument Valley Arizona is one of the hottest spots for this U.F.O encounters. Atlantis Models present model kit builders, collectors and U.F.O enthusiasts alike the opportunity to own an all brand new tooling of a U.F.O model.

  • New tooling. 2nd in the 5 inch saucer series.
  • Molded in crystal clear with landing gear.
  • Fast blinking colored LED light.
  • Features our twist tight technology for easy assembly.
  • Includes cardboard display diorama backdrop.
  • Skill level 1 for ages 8 and up.
  • Kit # AMC 10017
  • MSRP: $19.99 USD

The U.FO. Encounter Sighting at Monument Valley model kit from Atlantis Models is available in two different versions and both are featured here on this entry.

Version # 1 of the model is molded in clear plastic. The molding is crystal clear with very crisp detail and absolutely no flash. No glue is necessary. The lower half of the dome connects to the upper hull in a twist-and-turn fashion . There is some structural detail molded on including portholes. On the bottom part we have some ”anti-gravity” circles with some alien symbols molded on. Unlike the Earth vs The Flying Saucer model kit recently featured, this one will need to be painted unless you’re OK with a clear ‘invisible’ saucer. This one was painted with the same Krylon color used on the EvsTFS model. Having dry air this time of the year in Minnesota plus the fact that this clear plastic is very prone to get charged with static electricity, the paint acquired a texture appearance seen on the pictures below. That was not the intention but to my taste it worked out. Before painting the hull, I used liquid latex mask from Vallejo (70.523) to mask all the portholes. The flashing LED can be seen in the short video clip below.

Version # 2 of the model is molded in clear Glow in the Dark plastic. Besides a different backdrop as shown on the picture below, the model kit is pretty much the same as the other one including the LED flasher.

I ask the question and Atlantis kindly answered. This model kit is NOT based on any known documented sighting but they would take the proper steps to make a documented case a model kit reality. So there you have it.
This model can be purchased at your favorite on-line or brick and mortar hobby shop. Remember, support your local hobby shops. They are becoming an endangered species. You can also get these U.F.O. models directly with Atlantis Models.

Get the Clear version here.

Get the Glow in the Dark version here.

My sincere thanks to Atlantis Models for kindly sending in these review samples.

George Collazo
George Collazo

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